What factors are most critical when selecting a service or product? Trust is one of the most important in building a brand, according to a recent survey that reveals how well four cell service brands connect with their customer base.

The National Most Trustworthy Brands Survey was conducted by The Values Institute, which is a non-profit strategic think tank that conducts research on how to study brands and corporate values. Its most recent survey measures how well 43 of the largest U.S. brands connect with customers.

It deployed the survey to roughly 1,500 respondents across the nation and asked them to rank the six largest national brands in eight key categories. Trust was then calculated by looking at 25 trust dimensions in five macro categories of competence, consistency, connection, candor, and concern. The national diagnostic survey measured brand strengths and weaknesses in each category, along with the trust outcomes of loyalty, advocacy, and satisfaction.

The survey shows that AT&T finished at the top of the cell service providers category, followed by Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

For many vertical markets, including manufacturing, having reliable connectivity is critical. Connectivity is also a key component of testing and ensuring security of solutions in a manufacturing environment.

Thus, choosing a network provider and the type of network becomes of the utmost importance. While factors such as connectivity and coverage area and pricing will always factor into the equation, the need for trust and loyalty are still strong factors to consider when selecting a cellular provider.

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