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Cisco Educates IT Professionals

There is a lot of talk about market potential, demand, and growth when it comes to M2M and the IoT (Internet of Things) and the IoE (Internet of Everything), but much less talk about how this growth affects the job market for IT jobs. In all kids of businesses, new personnel are being brought onboard to help guide and manage technology initiatives. In fact, new tech-related job titles are being created to describe roles that didn’t need to exist in the recent past.

How can the technology professionals who are filling these roles stay one step ahead of the evolving M2M, IoT and IoE? Cisco,, an IT company that aims to help companies leverage opportunities through connectivity, recently announced some new training and certification solutions to help prepare talent for the challenges of tomorrow.

According to Cisco, organizations’ ability to adapt to a changing marketplace and continually address new opportunities depends in large part on whether IT and networking professionals have the knowledge and skills to fulfill their evolving job responsibilities. To help the enterprise community achieve this, the company has expanded its Cisco Learning Network by revising its CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) Routing and Switching certification and introducing several new specialist certifications.

The CCNP Routing and Switching Certification update accommodates the transforming role of the network engineer, Cisco says. New network programmability specialist certifications address job roles pertaining to open networks and other pertinent issues. The new certifications include Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist certification and Cisco Enterprise IT Business Specialist certification.

By helping IT workers stay ahead of the curve, Cisco hopes to prevent a talent gap that would impede technology innovation and deployment within the enterprise community. Through education and certification, the company is helping tech professionals perform their jobs today, while also preparing them for what’s on the horizon.

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