The mission is to create a smart city. That means integrating technology that will make each city smart. Allen, Texas, is one city that is upgrading its network to have more peace of mind at a time when the city has to stay connected.

The City of Allen has awarded Scientel Solutions, LLC,, a contract to deploy a Smart City Network Platform, which will integrate information and communication technology and IoT (Internet of Things) technology securely to manage city’s assets. This IT (information technology) upgrade will deliver a faster and stable network benefitting nearly 100,000 Allen residents.

Scientel Solutions is replacing the existing Ceragon 311 Mbps core network star topology with a highly redundant 1.4 Gbps network using its Smart City Network Platform. This includes a municipal microwave wireless network that will not only provide redundancy in case its fiber network experiences failure, but it will also help the city’s IT infrastructure scale with emerging technology use by city administrators and residents.

This new private network is not run through any traditional network provider. “Our solutions supply the infrastructure that enables the fourth industrial revolution; where IoT, smart devices, autonomous vehicles, intelligent traffic management systems, and intuitive video systems, flourish in a secure, high availability environment,” says Dana Davis, director of sales, Scientel Solutions.

Following the implementation of the new system, Allen will no longer be vulnerable to single points of failures such as fiber cuts or removal of recurring costs of old slow telco lines. It can focus on smart city and cloud initiatives knowing it has a strong and secure network foundation, insist city officials. “We consider the microwave wireless network our back up network that will give us faster speeds and better coverage,” says Kevin Cameron, IT Project Manager for the City of Allen.

“Adding this high-speed wireless backbone will provide improved network reliability for critical locations such as fire stations and police substation, ensuring our first responders can get the information they need at all times,” says Eric Matthews, IT director for the City of Allen. “The new wireless network also ensures that if the network connecting city buildings is cut in one location, the city will remain operational as digital traffic will reroute around the network across the new wireless links.”

In addition to ensuring public safety, residents will enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi at some park facilities and at the city’s event center. Visitors to Allen Senior Recreation Center will see more than a tenfold increase in Internet speeds for online learning, research, and entertainment.

“This secure network in the sky is used by many organizations looking for improved communications without the large expense and long time frame of digging up streets to install fiber-optic cable,” says Matthews. “By leveraging this flexible wireless technology, Allen is building reliability for today and laying the foundation for future smart city and Internet of Things opportunities.”

The City of Allen and Scientel Solutions expect the project to be completed by October of this year.

Challenge: Finding a network solution for the city that is economical and less vulnerable than the traditional fiber network.

Risk: Not investing in a solution can have consequences when part or the whole network goes down, with almost all city services using the network.

Solution: Implementing a microwave wireless network that connects citizens to services when and where they need it most.

Payoff: A smart-city network that will keep the city connected 24/7 keeping the city services and resident running like clockwork and avoiding untimely outages