Better records management just might have been the leading wish this past holiday for some U.S. government entities looking for a cloud-based solution for records management that meets the highest security standards.

Two companies are working together to make this wish come true. Intergraph,, a provider of software and solutions for sectors such as security, government, and infrastructure, recently announced its support for Microsoft Cloud for Government,, an integrated, open-source cloud platform that spans infrastructure, data, productivity, and business applications for government customers.

Intergraph says its inPursuit WebRMS, a Web-based records-management system for law enforcement, deployed on Microsoft Azure Government—a government-community cloud—will help public-safety agencies manage data, submit reports, and maintain evidence. The company says its solution benefits from the partnership because Microsoft’s cloud is secure, scalable, and “highly available.”

By incorporating an enterprise records-management system within a browser-based solution, Intergraph says inPURSUIT WebRMS makes it so key personnel can access data from anywhere. As with other solutions in other vertical markets, access to realtime data via the cloud can help inform decisions.

For law enforcement and public safety, this means the solution could help solve crimes and ultimately, better protect citizens. In terms of how cloud solutions are being deployed to make data available and accessible, government applications that have a direct impact on citizen safety and wellbeing are some of the most important uses of the technology.

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