As the IoT (Internet of Things) rapidly grows and evolves along with applications such as mobile computing and video streaming, next-generation cloud platforms and services will be needed to take the industry to the next level.

Two companies say their partnership represents a milestone for the industry by offering a dedicated ARM-based high-density cloud platform. Marvell,, a provider of integrated silicon solutions, and Labs,, the hosting subsidiary of Iliad S.A.,, a French telecom company, will be collaborating to help address the needs for next-gen application hosting servers.

Marvell says Labs will incorporate solutions such as its ARMADA-XP SoC (system-on-chip), PresteraX switch, and Alaska-X physical layer (10GbE PHY) transceiver solutions into its advanced-platform technology to create the new cloud server. Arnaud de Bermingham, CEO of Labs, says by creating a platform capable of reproducing all cloud features directly in the hardware, the companies hope to push the boundaries of server and data center capabilities, opening up new opportunities for customers and for the industry as a whole.

As more processes move to the cloud and as more people and more machines in more situations rely on consistent, predictable performance, it’s time to think about the next generation of cloud platforms.

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