Two companies have announced an alliance that will work toward developing IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for the insurance market, allowing insurers to remain competitive in an increasingly connected world.

Baseline Telematics,, a provider of UBI (usage-based insurance) solutions, has joined forces with CGI,, an IT and business processes firm, to deliver a cost-effective telematics solution that will enhance customers’ existing rating models. To do this, the companies will integrate Baseline’s end-to-end UBI platform with CGI’s Ratabase rating engine.

Baseline’s UBI platform is a modular solution designed to help insurers bring usage-based products, such as pay-as-you-drive auto insurance programs, to market quickly. The platform leverages a smartphone app or a small device plugged into a consumer’s vehicle to provide realtime data to insurers, including information such as location, miles driven, speed, sudden acceleration, and harsh braking. The solution allows insurers to create more personalized rates based on a consumer’s actual driving behavior and vehicle usage.

Thanks to the collaboration, Baseline Telematics customers will now have access to CGI Ratabase within the UBI platform. CGI describes Ratabase as a set of powerful and flexible productivity tools that externalizes the complex business logic associated with rating, automated underwriting, and enterprise incentive management.

As more insurers look for ways to embrace new technologies, reduce costs, and transform themselves beyond traditional paradigms, telematics solutions such as UBI products will be a continuing and important trend. Insurers’ ability to deliver these products to consumers will help set them apart from the competition.

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