The Connected World Awards recognize the most successful user success stories in healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, and other industries. Successes will explain the problem, solution, and ROI.

Leading-edge end users of IoT/M2M technology/connected devices are encouraged to apply. This can consist of end users as well as government agencies or universities. An end user is defined as a company or organization that is applying an IoT/M2M-based solution in order to address and/or improve some aspect of their operations. By doing so, end user have assembled an ecosystem of IoT/M2M technology providers, all of whom are eligible to receive a ‘technology enabler’ award for their role in the process. These ‘technology enablers’ will be honored as a part of the award, but are not eligible to be the ‘submitting company.’

The deadline to submit for the 2019 Connected World Awards is Aug. 2, 2019.

Simply complete the online ballot and return the payment/approval form to enter. Be sure to submit your entry as recommended and submit all requested materials prior to the deadline.

Please complete the online ballot form as well as the payment form. Completed payment forms can be faxed to +1 630.933.0845 or sent via email to Be sure to include every member of the ecosystem when completing the online application. Be sure to complete the payment form in its entirety. All required signatures on the payment/approval form must be included in order for the entry to be accepted.

Any IoT/M2M/connected devices technology provider can be nominated, including those providing hardware, network communications, middleware, application software, system integration and consulting, as well as hosting the network management services. Please indicate each company’s name and their respective roles in the deployment.

Those interested in the Connected World Awards can contact Lynne Flakus for further information.

Yes. The end user listed on part one, question one of ballot will be considered the entrant, or the company that is eligible to win. This award will also honor the companies listed as solution providers/part of the ecosystem, in the event that the end user is chosen as a finalist.

In the past, public relations firms and/or other ecosystem members have aided in the submission for the adopter. This is acceptable, however, the adopter must approve the final entry as well as provide the required signatures.

Yes. Each entry requires a separate entry application and entry fee. Companies must submit unique deployments for each submission.

The 2019 entry fee is $995.00 per entry. Entry fees are not refundable. The payment/approval form will include all required information for the fee to be fulfilled.

Entries are judged on the overall strength of the deployment, especially the level of innovation and the business value obtained. Winning submissions will explain the problem/challenge, how technology was innovatively used, and what the payoff/benefit of this application was to the end user. The score for each entry is based on how the company explains the major challenge it faced or the opportunity that was created by using IoT/M2M technology as well as the ability to demonstrate quantifiable results. Some of these results might include increased security, improved customer service, enhanced patient care, faster emergency response time, remote monitoring, predictive analytics, service, operational efficiencies, monetization, better asset visibility, increased uptime, automated business processes, and etc..
An independent panel of industry analysts and members of the academic world judge the Connected World Awards.
With the Connected World Awards, the judges read the ballot responses and review them. Entries are rated on a scale of 1-10.
No. We do not allow the entrants to have contact with the judges.
No. We do not allow entrants to screen their judges or know who they are prior to the award judging.
Connected World magazine will publish articles, award descriptions, or other information regarding the submitted entry. This material is based on the award submission. We recommend you do not submit material that is not for publication.
Each individual score is recorded, and the entries are rated by an average score. The awards team reviews the scoring and written comments and Connected World editors then make a final determination of gold, silver, and bronze winners by the scores of the entries in each category. This is done by comparing the scores of the entries in that category as well as the ranking of the individual score. Not all categories will have a gold, silver, and bronze winner.
The Awards team will contact the persons named in the application by either phone or email. It is extremely important that each nominee provides an email addresses that will accept email from Connected World magazine.
Connected World magazine will issue a press release, as well as publish award descriptions and in some cases articles on the winners.
Yes. All winners are encouraged to send out a press release following the official announcement by Connected World magazine. Please make sure that Connected World magazine is given the opportunity to approve press releases containing information and/or quotes pertaining to and coming from Connected World magazine and its awards program.
To learn who has won this award last year, please click here.
No, past winning entries are not available.

All questions should be directed to Lynne Flakus at +1 630.933.0844 x222, or via email at