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Carol Stream, Ill. – Dec. 5, 2017 – The youngest IoT (Internet of Things) innovators think outside the box and look for novel ways to solve age-old dilemmas.

That is why, Connected World is pleased to name the 2018 Pioneers Award winners. This year, Connected World honors 10 young pioneers in IoT who are making or have already made their mark on this vibrant, evolving space. The editors have selected pioneers aged 40 and under from a large pool of contenders and found them amongst universities, startup companies, and established corporations working in a broad range of industries.

“This year’s pioneers are young, but they have a unique way of anticipating what’s coming next,” says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World. “We are so exultant to honor these 10 individuals who have a strong vision for themselves, their companies, and the IoT space as a whole.”

 The 2018 Pioneers Award recipients are:

  • Branko Kerkez, University of Michigan, 33
  • Aaron Levie, Box, 31
  • Russ Malangen, LX Innovative Solutions, 21
  • Meredith Perry, uBeam, 27
  • DeAnna Robear, PTC, 23
  • Austin Russell, Luminar Technologies, 22
  • Andrew Scheuermann, Arch Systems, 29
  • David Thai, Medium One, 40
  • Andrew Thomas, SkyBell Technologies, 33
  • Dan Work, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, 34

The list, along with an in depth analysis of this year’s winners, is featured in Connected World. Read more about each winner at

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