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Naperville, Ill. – Aug. 7, 2020 – Connected World, along with technology professionals, their family members, and colleagues, gathered together at a live virtual celebration on Thursday, August 6, to honor the 2020 Women of Technology, the Women of IoT in Marketing, and the Hall of Fame winners, all of which recognize women who are making a contribution, commitment, and advances as a result of digital, societal, and cultural innovation.

“We are in desperate need of more women to fill leadership roles in technology,” says Peggy Smedley, president of Specialty Publishing Media and editorial director of Connected World. “While roughly 43% of human resources directors are women, only 16% are CIOs. Despite this, women continue to prove they have the skillsets to lead.”

A report from Harvard Business Review shows women tend to score higher than men in many leadership skills including resilience, taking initiative, practicing self-development, displaying high integrity and honesty, inspiring and motiving others, building relationships, bold leadership, being a champion of change, establishing stretch goals, collaboration and teamwork, connecting to the outside world, communicating powerfully, solving problems and analyzing issues, leadership speed, and even innovation.

The distinctive new format, sponsored by Hitachi, MultiTech, and T-Mobile, began with a keynote and Q&A with Alyssa Rapp, author Leadership & Life Hacks and CEO, Surgical Solutions. When asked one piece of advice she would give to women, Rapp said to “dream big” explaining that you can’t achieve it if you don’t dream it. “Take the leap, you have nothing to lose.”

Following a thank you and a welcome from Sara Brown, vice president of marketing at MultiTech Systems, Smedley presented the eighth annual awards program, with a new twist, including congratulatory videos from industry members, family, and friends, as well as acceptance speeches from many of the winners.

Carlene Ileto, executive director, Products and Services Delivery Management Office, U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security was awarded the final award of the evening as the 2020 Hall of Fame inductee. She summarized it best, saying “We [women] are such a rare breed and yet we soar in technology despite a historically male dominated world. I accept this honor on behalf of all women who have worked tirelessly to succeed in the field of technology … we must help the next generation of young women to achieve success in technology.”

The event concluded, with past Women of Technology winners, Beverly Rider, Hitachi, and Kimberly Green-Kerr, consultant, raising a glass to all the winners and welcoming them to the special “club.”

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