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Editor at-Large

Naperville, Ill. – June 1, 2020 – Many of the IoT (Internet of Things) technologies developed before and during the pandemic are making a difference for businesses. However, emergencies generate crisis responses and often those responses fade away once the disaster is over. What innovations will stand the test of time? That is where Connected World can help, with the 2021 Connected World IoT Innovations award for vertical markets including manufacturing, construction, utilities/energy, healthcare, retail, transportation, and more.

The Connected World IoT Innovations Awards honors products, solutions, and platforms that help to solve a challenge and influence the way we work, live, and play. These IoT Innovations set the bar, demonstrating a unique level of versatility and creativity and can be applied in any vertical market or segment. Each year, Connected World searches for the most transformative innovations to the hit the market such as a product that makes life easier for users or helps to provide greater security, for one example. 

Technology companies submit nominations that includes a description of the IoT Innovation, what makes the technology unique, what type of solution the product is, how the company worked with others on the innovation, subscription service or pricing structure, and top competitors, among other considerations. The awards program is open to any new IoT product, service, or platform on the market today.

The editorial advisory board of judges evaluate the most transformative innovations and each of the entries are evaluated based on a number of criteria including creativity of innovation, market competition, partners, go-to market strategy, price point, uniqueness, market need, addresses a painpoint, forethought of market needs, and much more. The judges also consult with outside industry experts and do follow up with the candidates throughout the research process.

“Businesses are preparing for a better normal and the IoT is instrumental in helping us to achieve that,” says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World and president, Specialty Publishing Media. “This year’s IoT Innovations are a collection of technologies that each aim to serve a market with a specific need. The net result will be more productive and profitable businesses in an era when we need it the most.”

The winners of the 2021 IoT Innovations Awards are:

  • Wireless Industrial Temperature Sensor by Disruptive Technologies
  • MDsense by Essence SmartCare
  • Jaibot by Hilti North America
  • ALTA Soil Moisture Sensor by Monnit
  • MicroAI Atom by ONE Tech, Inc.
  • neo2 by OptConnect
  • FactoryTalk InnovationSuite, powered by PTC, by Rockwell Automation
  • Zonar Coach by Zonar

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