As our world becomes more connected, businesses are also becoming more reliant on IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity. This is especially the case where the applications to be connected are business critical. The challenge is it can be difficult to manage IoT connectivity in the field.

To help address this, Beecham Research recently conducted an IoT connectivity survey among enterprise users and product manufacturers and released a report Business-Critical IoT Connectivity Solutions: Key Management Challenges. This specifically focuses on their use of cellular for IoT, the challenges they face, and their expectations for eSIM (embedded SIM).

Key findings from the report include: the network must be available with sufficient coverage wherever needed; the quality of network service available must be sufficiently high to ensure the services offered, or data collected, can operate effectively; and the devices themselves must be able to operate for a long period in the field.

As an example, Sierra Wireless has addressed these management issues with its Smart Connectivity service—which can simplify and augment global IoT deployments. Instant access to the service is enabled by Ready-to-Connect modules, gateways, and routers. eSIMS that are pre-integrated inside Ready-to-Connect devices can be activated over-the-air, eliminating individual device provisioning. Then, if an outage occurs, the eSIM automatically selects the next strongest, available network in the area.

Beecham’s report takes a closer look at the opportunities created by new advances in connectivity and how companies such as service providers and OEMs (original-equipment manufacturers) can navigate the challenges associated with maintaining “always-on” connectivity. The report also identifies:

  • How companies can bypass logistical problems such as working with multiple connectivity providers.
  • How companies having operations and products across multiple geographies can manage their global IoT deployments through a single pane of glass.

As businesses continue to move forward, simplifying connectivity is key to ensuring rapid IoT deployment and always-on connectivity. The good news is we have the tools and insights to securely manage devices, connectivity, and application data.

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