Telematics service providers are receiving a connectivity device from Hirschmann Solutions,, and inthinc, Hirschmann is a supplier of antenna and transceiver systems while inthinc is a telematics service provider, and together the two companies are launching a new M2M gateway module.

The module provides advanced communications and connectivity for fleet vehicles, heavy duty trucks, and construction and agricultural equipment. With a 3G gateway and a Wi-Fi router, Hirschmann’s module offers telematics service providers and customers reduced time to market as well as reduced complexity in design.

The M2M gateway module permits one telematics device to be used in a variety of applications without the need to redesign communication hardware. It can be used in vehicle cabs for GSM (global system for mobile communication) and GPS (global positioning system) capabilities, as well as on Wi-Fi-enabled peripheral devices to connect to the Internet via router.

Expensive licensing requirements can be avoided with the M2M gateway module, as it features an open source, WRT Linux-based firmware. With this, customers can develop features including security, logging, monitoring, and tracking applications. The unit is certified to operate in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, and initiates high-speed connectivity, providing driver safety and fleet operational efficiency.

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