DataOnline LLC Overview 2016

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Engineering/deployment services

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210 South Street

New Providence, NJ 07974

+1 (908) 464-2646

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The DataOnline story began back in the 1980s when cofounders Martin Adams and Rob Barnacle were working in the Industrial Gas Industry developing telemetry equipment that would send customers’ tank-consumption data through phone lines. Fast forward a quarter century, and DataOnline is celebrating its status as an established name and brand in what is now called M2M.

A proud member of the CW 100 since 2008, DataOnline hasn’t used its 25 years of experience as an excuse to sit back and coast on Adams’ and Barnacle’s decades of hard work. Just like M2M itself, which has grown tremendously since the 1980s, the company has undergone several transformations, including starting from scratch after an acquisition in the late 1990s, and then building itself back up to prominence in the space by developing its own software in the early 2000s and experiencing tremendous growth—all on the principle of remaining in touch with its customers.

Since then, DataOnline has been consistently at the forefront of the M2M space and is unique in that it provides end-to-end M2M solutions on a global scale. Now with more than 150,000 installations in more than 65 countries, DataOnline serves many fortune 500 companies through its global M2M solutions for monitoring remote assets, both fixed and mobile. Opportunities for continued growth lie in smaller, more mass-market companies with a large asset base.

Serving vertical markets such as industrial gas and new energy products such as LNG (liquefied natural gas), bulk chemical products, and water and waste water, the company helps customers monitor and track assets for better supply chain management, safety, and analytics. In 2014, DataOnline finished fully migrating its customers to DOLV3, the latest version of its fully redundant, high availability, global platform, with great care. Not afraid to take a risk to get where they need to be, the DataOnline team continues to up its game to bring value to their customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dedicated to bringing new and enhanced value to customers
  • Truly global approach with more than 350 direct M2M/IoT customers
  • Opportunity lies in mass-market industrial companies with large asset base