Geotab Overview 2016

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1075 North Service Road West, Unit 21

Oakville, Ontario L6M 2G2, Canada

+ 1 (416) 434-4309

Toll-Free Number (North America)
+1 (877) 436-8221

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Working in verticals such as the courier, product delivery, food and beverage, and home services delivery markets, Geotab has carved out a niche for itself as a leader in the global telematics and fleet-management space. The company has experienced impressive revenue growth that the company’s CEO, Neil Cawse, attributes to Geotab’s innovative research and development programs that have helped create its end-to-end telematics solution.

With more than 15,000 customers, Geotab has devices in more than 400,000 vehicles and its fleet-management software—MyGeotab—has more than 100,000 users. Its reach includes 40% of the top 10 fleets in North America and 18% of the top 100 fleets in North America. The company also has a presence in Europe, South America, and Africa.

In the past year, Geotab has improved its service offering with a new add-on extender that allows third parties to build integration between MyGeotab and their in-vehicle devices. Geotab’s partnership with Mobileye, a technology company that develops ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) technology, is telling. By providing collision warnings to drivers just before a crash, the Geotab/Mobileye tech integration is taking ROI (return on investment) to a whole new level, extending it from the typical measures of ROI—such as improved productivity, reduced fuel consumption, and stronger regulatory compliance—to include driver safety, which adds value to a company that reaches far beyond its bottomline.

Geotab is already helping to make the roads safer by providing feedback to drivers and fleet managers, encouraging good behavior and accountability. What’s more, thanks to its GO7 device, the company’s plug-and-play approach to telematics solutions is making it easier for new companies to sign on, as evidenced by the impressive customers the company has added to its lineup in the past year. As it helps lower commercial fleets’ barriers to entry into the telematics space and helps them reach ROI more quickly, Geotab is playing a key role in boosting global adoption of telematics solutions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Relationships with key global mobile operators, including Sprint, Verizon, Telefonica, Telus, and Rogers Wireless
  • Plug-and-play approach lowers barriers to entry for telematics solutions
  • Promotes tech as key to improving driver safety