Mesh Systems Overview 2016

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Platform Provider

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12400 N. Meridian St. Suite 175

Carmel, IN 46032

+ 1 (855) 301-2550

International: +1 (317) 661-4800

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Competing in the North American market with other platform providers and companies’ in-house IT staffs, Mesh Systems knows how to bring it. The company offers MeshVista—a component-based platform that can be applied across many vertical industries, from commercial and retail to energy, environmental, life sciences, transportation, and utilities—in addition to years of experience in M2M and the IoT (Internet of Things).

Already supporting millions of connections across clients’ IoT systems, Mesh Systems helps customers bring smart products to market more quickly. For smart energy, smart merchandising, smart services, and other “smart” product applications, Mesh dedicates itself to helping customers drastically reduce their prototype deployment times, in some cases from two years to just two months; shorten the duration of time spent in the commercial phase; and then deliver complete solutions that can enhance usage or reduce operating costs.

The company has strategically positioned itself in the IoT marketplace by helping clients chase “first-to-market” status and, importantly, by helping clients get it right the first time around. This reputation has paid off, helping Mesh win new high-profile customers like American Time and Signal, Budweiser/InBev, and BUNN.

Despite its triumphs, the leadership team doesn’t take an entitled approach to business. Richard Baxter, Mesh’s cofounder, president, and CEO, knows the success of his company continuously depends on clients’ successes, which creates a client-comes-first atmosphere that starts at the top. Moving down the chain of command, the entire leadership team is dedicated to supporting and empowering clients by showing them what’s possible through Mesh’s tailored, end-to-end IoT solution.

The opportunity for Mesh Systems lies in the millions of everyday objects that have yet to be connected—and the company knows this. Growth means connecting every future object, and the scalable, powerful MeshVista platform is a top contender to help companies unlock the potential of machine data, which will transform the way people, processes, and machines interact.

Key Takeaways:

  • MeshVista speeds time to market for smart services in a host of vertical markets
  • Strategic positioning in IoT has led to new customer wins such as Budweiser/InBev
  • Company attitude that success depends on clients’ successes starts at the top