Renesas Electronics Overview 2016

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Business Focus

Embedded/external hardware provider

Contact Renesas Electronics America

2801 Scott Blvd.

Santa Clara, CA 95050

+1 (408)-588-6000

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A 2010 merger between NEC Electronics and Renesas Technology led to the creation of Tokyo-based Renesas Electronics Corp., a semiconductor manufacturer that’s really much more. Besides researching, developing, designing, manufacturing, selling, and servicing semiconductor products for industries such as automotive, industrial and home electronics, and office automation and ICT (information and communications technology), Renesas is helping to advance the markets in which it plays a role.

One example of its leadership is the Renesas R-Car consortium, which focuses on advancing in-vehicle infotainment solutions by creating an international network of partners, including operating system and middleware providers, as well as system integrators. With its R-Car automotive SoCs (systems on chips), Renesas is pushing the envelope for integrated cockpit systems that will deliver cutting-edge in-vehicle connectivity solutions for the connected cars of tomorrow.

In the IoT (Internet of Things) and the IIoT (Industrial IoT) spaces, Renesas is also pushing the envelope. The company recently introduced the IoT Enabler Kit, a joint effort between Renesas, Arrow Electronics, Bug Labs, and NimbeLink, which supports developers in bringing IoT designs from concept to cloud quickly, efficiently, and reliably. Among its new products, Renesas has released the RX71M group of 32-bit microcontrollers meant to help increase productivity and security for IIoT applications. It has also released the Renesas Synergy platform to accelerate time to market and minimize the obstacles engineers face as they develop new IoT and IIoT products.

Collaboration is key to developing a strong IoT ecosystem. Renesas embodies this ideal by not only talking the talk, but also by walking the walk. For instance, its recent partnership with Link Labs will help develop long-range, low-power M2M and IoT networks for applications such as security, agriculture, home automation, and smart meters. A new collaboration with Audi to accelerate automotive innovation as part of the Audi Progressive Semiconductor Program further suggests there is more to come from this deserving CW 100 company in the next 12 months.

Key Takeways:

  • Semiconductor company focused on three key markets: automotive, industrial/home electronics, and office automation/ICT
  • Takes leadership role in advancing in-vehicle connectivity solutions via the Renesas R-Car consortium
  • Joint efforts and partnerships, in addition to new solutions, demonstrate company’s commitment to IoT and IIoT