2016 Rank: 66

2015 Rank: 81


Colombes, France

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Total Revenue:

$13 million


  • Actions Semiconductor
  • Advance Micro Devices
  • Advanced Semiconductor Engineering
  • Applied Micro Circuits
  • ARM
  • Atmel
  • Broadcom

#66 Sequans Communications

So far in its history, Sequans Communications (founded in 2003) has developed and delivered six generations of 4G technology and, thanks to its tireless dedication to LTE (long-term evolution) in the IoT (Internet of Things), the company shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, by making it more affordable and profitable to build LTE-enabled connected devices for the automotive, utilities, public safety, and home automation industries, among others, Sequans is advancing the space through its innovation and thought leadership.

One key example is Sequans’ Calliope LTE platform, which offers the M2M and IoT marketplace a Category-1 LTE chipset solution. Calliope, by targeting ultra low cost and low-power applications, is Sequans’ response to the growing demand for cost-sensitive devices, such as wearables, that don’t require high throughput.

The company’s management team takes every opportunity to tout the importance of LTE for the current and future IoT. Georges Karam, Sequans’ CEO, says the presence of a Cat-1 LTE solution in the market will prompt the use of LTE in devices that require a long battery life—such as health and fitness wearables, smart meters, and industrial monitoring devices—at a cost that is competitive with entry-level 3G solutions.

In addition to Calliope, Sequans has also advanced its higher throughput Category-4 LTE solution, Colibri. By working to get additional LTE products certified for the Verizon Wireless network and by participating in a Cat-1 LTE network and device trial with Verizon and Ericsson, Sequans is changing the way the industry thinks about LTE connectivity by demonstrating the network’s viability for M2M and IoT applications.

Disruptive Innovation Index Ranking: 9—Highly Disruptive Impact on Key Market

This young and aggressive company has been market disruptor since the day it launched. It is also been transforming the IoT industry with its LTE solutions changing the way the industry thinks about connectivity.

What to Watch for in 2016:

  • Value creation of Cat 1-LTE

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