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Dangers of Google Glass Put On Film

With Google Glass,, still looking for its place in the world, a filmmaker has decided to showcase the troubles it can bring in a fictional movie airing on the Internet entitled “Ex Post Facto.”

The film, which was written, produced, and directed by Antonio R. Cannady, examines the controversial technology by putting the spotlight on “a reality where everyday people have the ability to play out any fantasy of any nature…no matter how light or dark…in realtime.”

The title of the movie comes from “a law that refers to a law being adopted after an act is committed making it illegal, although it was legal when done,” according to the release issued by filmmaker. The 13-minute film chronicles the lives of two MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) graduates who build a device rivaling that of a major technology company, and calls into question the morality of society.

Cannady supports those who question the value of Google Glass, including U.S. Representatives who are skeptical of the device due to issues over privacy, safety, and security. A number of banks, casinos, and hospitals already have or are in the process of banning Google Glass in order to protect their patrons.

In addition, the film brings into question the protection component. Some think the movie goes to far in that regard; however, opponents point to such things as the work of London-based firm, This Place,, which has developed software called “MindRDR.” This technology allows Glass users to control the device via their mind. For example, a person can take a picture of something by looking at the subject and triggering the camera using thought.

Regardless of the position one takes about Google Glass, Cannady has one goal in mind.”With this film my only objective is to enlighten the audience to what could be a scary reality.”

To see the movie for free, log on to

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