PubNub,, has introduced a new system designed to make application data streams easier for customers to understand and work with.

The Realtime Analytics dashboard will provide users with new graphs displaying the “value, impact, and scalability of PubNub-powered applications.” The dashboard will keep tabs on data stream traffic and usage courtesy of a live world map. Data users can follow includes which countries are producing the highest message volumes, and which channels and devices are experiencing the most user and message activity. Additionally, the dashboard can track the high water mark of active devices used within a 24-hour time frame.

Improved application performance and the ability to troubleshoot production-level issues are two key features of the dashboard. Realtime Analytics customers can monitor the highs and lows in message volume through the use of the PubNub Data Stream Network.

Implementation of the dashboard for current Realtime Analytics users is easy since no integration work is involved. Users simply click on the Analytics tab to activate the program. Those who are not customers can still access the Realtime Analytics feature by utilizing the Add button on the PubNub portal landing page.

“With our new Realtime Analytics dashboard, our customers have even greater visibility to easily understand the performance and reach of their apps in realtime, and to share key metrics with other stakeholders within their organization,” said Todd Greene, founder and CEO, PubNub.

The dashboard is available now through the PubNub developer portal.

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