Market forecasts for the IoT (Internet of Things) suggest impressive growth—to the tune of trillions of dollars—is coming in the next decade. One company is jumping on the bandwagon with its new M2M practice.

DataArt,, a custom software development company, has announced a new consulting practice for the M2M/IoT space. Because the industry is expected to grow exponentially within the next several years, DataArt hopes to meet the demands of the burgeoning marketplace by helping clients harness the IoT across a wide range of vertical markets.

DataArt offers an open-source M2M framework called DeviceHive, which the company says allows its clients to worry more about product creation and innovation and less about device communication and management. DataArt also recently announced it is partnering with,, a data service exchange for connected device platforms.

Key offerings from DataArt’s new practice will include identifying areas within a business that could benefit from IoT, prototyping IoT solutions with DeviceHive, full-stack application development, and the analysis of existing M2M/IoT solutions, among others. The company hopes its new practice and the services it offers will help the IoT reach its potential.

For companies looking for a competitive edge in a quickly changing marketplace, M2M and IoT offer a way to do so. By partnering with companies with the know-how and the wherewithal to bring solutions to market quickly and efficiently, companies can be part of the connected world in no time.

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