A DevOps (development operations) leader and an intelligent vehicle provider are bringing their products together in order to integrate continuous delivery solutions with the automotive IoT (Internet of Things) market.

Automotive manufacturers, OEMs (original-equipment manufacturer), and system integrators are using Electric Cloud’s, www.electric-cloud.com, DevOps automation and continuous delivery practices to reduce software build. Through the partnership, Arynga, www.arynga.com, is able to release cycle times within the parameters of its embedded software systems.

Arynga’s CarSync gives the automotive industry a robust OTA (over-the-air) updating solution to manage and maintain embedded systems and data collection during a vehicle’s life span. Electric Cloud benefits the process by accelerating the build, test, and deploy lifecycle. Its ElectricFlow solution provides DevOps automation from build to deployment, and the ElectricAccelerator speeds build and test cycles within highly complex software environments.

IoT is shifting much of its focus toward connected vehicles, and the Electric Cloud and Arynga partnership works to develop this. Focusing on these technical solutions brings enhanced efficiency automotive industries.

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