In more LoRa news from Multi-Tech Systems,, which designs, develops, and manufactures communications equipment for the industrial IoT (Internet of Things), the company has introduced a rugged, weatherproof, and industrialized solution that supports the deployment of public or private LoRaWAN networks in remote locations.

The MultiConnect Conduit IP67 LoRa base station is MultiTech’s response to customer demands for a LoRaWAN-enabling solution that can withstand outdoor locations in a variety of harsh environments and conditions, including moisture, dust, wind, rain, snow, and heat. By packaging its MultiConnect Conduit gateway in an IP67-compliant enclosure, the company is meeting this demand for durable, low-power, wide-area connectivity.

MultiTech says the Conduit IP67 base station provides a choice of cellular or Ethernet backhaul. Further, it can be deployed as part of an existing telecommunications tower, individual stand, or wall mount. The bundled solution includes a MultiConnect Conduit with pre-loaded LoRa MultiConnect mCard, an enclosure, and a high-gain LoRa antenna to improve outdoor coverage range.

For applications in agriculture, energy, and many other sectors, the solution will help enterprises looking to leverage the IoT deploy LoRa networks that meet the unique needs of their businesses, connecting thousands of end points with carrier-grade connectivity.

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