As Bob McKeeman, CEO of Utility,, a provider of mobile resource management solutions, says, the connected world and the IoT (Internet of Things) is coming to public safety. Thanks to M2M and connected devices that can collect realtime data, such as body-worn video cameras used by public-safety professionals, it’s possible to create a so-called “evidence ecosystem” that, as McKeeman describes, encourages citizens “to be on their best behavior.”

Utility recently released a paper examining the mobile IoT in public safety, called “Generation 2 Body-Worn Cameras and the Evidence EcoSystem.” The report aims to guide the discussion about body-worn video cameras, including these devices’ capabilities and advantages, as well as their weaknesses and limitations.

According to Utility, the current or first generation of body-worn cameras tends to have room for improvement. For instance, recording often needs to be started and stopped manually, the devices may lack an Internet connection and/or GPS functionality, and there is no way to stream video live to dispatch.

Second-generation devices are much more connected and, therefore, more useful to enhancing public safety. Utility identifies several cutting-edge functionalities of these body-worn cameras, including automatic triggers to begin recording (such as integrating with a police car’s siren), the ability to receive realtime alerts from other IoT sensors and systems within the ecosystem, high-definition recording, built-in GPS, an internal accelerometer, voice recognition, and the ability to upload and store data in the cloud via a wireless access point (often in a police vehicle).

By harnessing IoT technologies for public safety, first responders and law enforcement can more easily respond to emergencies and even prevent situations from turning into emergencies in the first place. By creating an “evidence ecosystem” and leveraging the realtime, actionable data this ecosystem delivers, public-safety professionals can help keep the public safe.

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