Feature Articles

Disrupt or be Disrupted

Disruption. I know my manufacturing friends are not fans of this word, or perhaps all of corporate America, but the fact remains we are in a new era of technological disruption.

LTE Corner: What’s Next for LTE in the Internet of Things?

This past year—2015—has been a pivotal year for LTE (long-term evolution) and the IoT (Internet of Things).

Can the IoT protect Europe?

When discussing the IoT (Internet of Things) it is hard to avoid the pressing issue of security in Europe and ponder how the IoT can help.

The Long-Term Risk to the IoT: Death by 1,000 Cuts

My highly personal and unscientific survey of the media coverage about the IoT (Internet of Things) suggests that glowing reviews of progress and future brilliance overwhelmingly outweigh cautionary commentary.

When Does Healthcare Stop Being Medical, Only to be A Security One?

The healthcare industry is a fabulous target for hackers looking to gain access and compromise databases full of diverse patient data.