For parents looking for the latest wearable and locator for children, Filip Technologies,, released an updated device at CTIA’s Super Mobility Week.

Filip Technologies introduces FiLIP 2, the next generation wearable phone and locator for children. The first generation FiLIP launched in 2013, with goals of addressing issues such as cyberbullying, inappropriate texting, and keeping track of the child’s location. FiLIP 2 maintains those goals, while boasting an improved wristband design, adjustable sizing, enhanced durability, and additional colors.

FiLIP 2 connects to the AT&T,, network. Its basic functionalities include voice calling to five selected contacts, one-way—parent to child—text messaging, and a smart locator that uses a unique blend of GPS, GSM (global system for mobile communications), and Wi-Fi to allow parents to locate their child.

Parents will also be able to establish SafeZones that give parents updated alerts when the child leaves or enters one of the five selected locations. In case of emergencies, the child can press the red button to initiate Emergency Mode. Emergency Mode contacts the primary account holder, while giving an immediate update on the child’s location.

Along with the new wearable phone, the company will unveil apps that will provide an improved user interface and a simpler, more intuitive set-up process. The iOS app will be released the same time as the phone, while the Android app will come at a later date.

In-store availability, pricing, and service plans are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

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