As more organizations understand the benefits of adopting IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, Eurotech,, and FSI,, are collaborating to reduce the complexities facility-management companies face when integrating distributed devices and assets in buildings or in the field.

Eurotech, a hardware, software, and services provider that designs and delivers IoT solutions for systems integrators and enterprises, will contribute its device and data-management technology to the partnership. FSI, which offers the Concept Evolution Web-based facilities-management solution and its FSI GO Workforce Mobility solution, brings its technology and vertical market expertise to the table. Together, the companies say they will draw on shared knowledge and experience providing market-specific solutions to bring reliable, cost-effective data and device-management solutions to the facilities-management space.

Specifically, the companies will leverage FSI’s Concept Evolution suite of facilities-management software in combination with Eurotech’s Everyware Device Cloud in the North EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) region and associated territories. The Everyware Device Cloud is a tool that helps customers make business-critical decisions based on data coming from the intelligence at the edge of the network.

Through realtime data collection and edge processing, the companies will help address the challenges of creating end-to-end solutions in facilities management. By bringing key data from the field to business applications, IoT solutions can help facilities-management companies make timely, information-enhanced decisions.

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