As I stated in a previous column and on my radio show, 5G was pretty popular once again this year, but there was a different feeling in the air about it. Okay, I do agree there might have been some 5G fatigue from years of hype.

But, for this discussion, I’d rather look at the glass half full scenario, and say it was nice to see some companies talking up 5G in the context of anything other than smartphones.

Let’s be honest, the average person thinks of 5G as how it’s going to ramp up their smartphone. They have no idea what it’s going to do for the enterprise or B2B in general. And that’s what I want to address.

5G and B2B

In the next couple of years, I see the landscape for 5G looking completely different than it is today. At CES in particular, it was really awesome seeing some companies giving us a glimpse of what that world will look like and how it will be deployed in various industries. It truly gave us some context about the future and what’s to come.

Let’s remember it all comes down to massive scale in capacity, available spectrum, and how it will be deployed by various carriers. Simply, 5G is all about low latency, higher capacity, and faster speeds.

Even companies like Samsung took the time to show off part of its 5G booth for phones, no surprise there, while the other part was highlighting the future of vehicles-to-everything technologies. More importantly, I like the verbiage from Qualcomm stating 5G is entering an “invention age.” I can’t agree more. We all know that Qualcomm has had its eye on the prize and wants to lead the way for 5G in many areas beyond what it already is doing in handsets and more. With partners the skies the limit for customers.

If the numbers from Allied Market Research, are correct and the global 5G technology market reaches $5.5 billion this year, and then $668 billion by 2026, 5G will clearly be disruptive.

With ultra-high speeds and ultra-low latencies, the possibilities are going to be endless. Now let’s just see what the era of invention can do for 5G?

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