Businesses don’t just want technology or even the data this technology can generate. Businesses want insight. Thanks to tools designed to help enterprises harness data from IoT (Internet of Things) deployments, today’s businesses can create valuable insights that can enhance decisionmaking.

One such tool is TempoIQ,, an application development platform for IoT solutions. The company has announced the fourth generation of its platform built on five years of experience. TempoIQ says the updated “no code” platform introduces new products that deliver IoT applications and insights faster and with more flexibility.

For instance, View IQ is a no-code application composer that allows IoT product makers and asset owners/operators to build custom applications, create realtime dashboards, and design data visualizations with time-travel reporting. Analyze IQ enables powerful insights with custom analytics that enrich, compute, and stream in realtime.

TempoIQ also says its latest application development platform provides IoT data management with Data IQ, which allows customers to collect IoT data and enrich it with additional context from any product, device, or department. Finally, Connect IQ provides instant-on device provisioning, allowing developers to quickly get an IoT product up and streaming data quickly and easily.

By creating a time-saving path to IoT data visualization, realtime analytics and alerting, and data collection and storage, TempoIQ’s fourth-gen platform will help more businesses get more out of the IoT.

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