In my last column I wrote about how the Coronavirus is changing the way we work. I even talked to some pretty impressive people on The Peggy Smedley Show that shared some key pointers on how to take care of ourselves and our families. Perhaps the greatest lesson, even important in business, is how employees need to become accustomed to working in new ways and that means working remotely.

On this week’s radio show I spoke with a few more brilliant people that share even more keen tips on how we can all function during this chaotic time. Perhaps even more important, if we are managers, is how we need to focus on inspiring and equipping our workers with the tools they need.

Business owners and managers are grappling with a lot these days. They are trying to come up with new innovative ideas to spur business. They are also trying to encourage employees during these uncertain times.

Gallup studied past crises to learn what leaders can do during COVID-19. Here is what it found. Primarily, people need leaders to provide a path forward. And have four universal needs:

  1. Trust
  2. Compassion
  3. Stability
  4. Hope

Are you providing that to your team? I also have a few pieces of advice from past guests to help you navigate this time.

Mo Katibeh, EVP & CMO, AT&T Business, makes it clear that we are in unchartered waters when it comes to COVID-19. He stresses the world has faced pandemics before, but not since we became a modern information-driven economy. Katibeh adds that while the health and wellness of all is clearly the highest priority, society has the important secondary task of simply carrying on.

Admittedly, that’s much easier said than done. Many of us are now faced with hurdles that are impacting the way we live, work, play, and communicate with others. As a result, many businesses are facing incredible pressures and the challenges appear to be overwhelming.

He also points out that the speed in which businesses are learning to adapt is staggering. Perhaps the only common denominator is that everyone and every company is in this together. He encourages individuals and companies to tap into voice and collaboration tools that can be used for remote working to ease the burden.

Michael Morton, CTO, Dell Boomi, who works for an integration platform firm connecting applications, clouds, devices, and people, offered up some sound advice. Morton acknowledges there is plenty of sound advice out there already that will help those not normally accustomed to working from home. Everything from setting up a proper work environment, encouragement of physical and mental behaviors, and acceptance of virtual conference participants, and yourself.

As a CTO, he wants to speak specifically to other chief technology officers. He says, …”Look at this current global event as an opportunity of how they should innovate for the future.” It is a great point we need to consider. He explains that it is absolutely imperative that we observe the challenges that our customers, partners, employees, and society are now facing. “

He also says we need to think about what new innovations should be put in place that will have a direct impact on productivity, collaboration, and humanity. I agree. We need to start to think about how we are going to be innovative in this new economy.

He is forming a virtual team consisting of the Boomi employees residing in North Carolina to create a sense of community to share conversations, but to bring together a diverse group of people and engage in conversation about innovation based on their current roles and current observations. He encourages any leader to do the same.

He adds right now could be a once in a generation opportunity to capitalize on applying technology to a global situation to be better prepared for any unforeseen future events. I concur. Now is the time develop new strategies you could put in place today to keep your business buzzing for the weeks, months, and years to come.

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