Crowdfunding scores again proving memories have special value with friends and family. iFamCare’s Helmet, a connected camera and family monitoring device that enables customers to share their moments openly or with authorized users, has reached its goal of $15,000 in the company’s crowdfunding campaign.

iFamCare,, is a new corporation that stems from iBaby Labs Inc., iBaby Labs has more than four years of baby monitoring experience, with Helmet being one of iFamCare first ventures.

Helmet comes with a 360° camera, memory cards slot, and voluntary cloud storage, and a laser pointer for detecting pets. With the mobile app, users can connect to Instagram and Facebook, in order to share live feed with friends or others around the country. However, consumers control Helmet’s privacy settings, thus allowing them to decide who sees what. This makes communication that much easier and efficient.

Not only does Helmet help provide security, it helps users remember all the fun times in life. This product is able to capture some of the most memorable and funniest moments that will last a lifetime.

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