In our workforce today, we have as many as five generations to consider for the first time in history (although there are varying schools of thought on the matter)—all with differing views about the world. But interestingly, and perhaps more importantly, they have some overarching values that cross generations.

To further illustrate what works for each generation and cross generationally, in my new book, Sustainable in a Circular World, I identify how to overcome conflicts, shift values and environmental priorities of the various generations, and work toward collaboration for decades to come. Perhaps, even more significantly, I predict the next 10 years will be crucial for how we address sustainability, climate, and the circular economy.

I make the case that humanity needs to move from a grey to a green economy fueled by design techniques that are sustainable in a circular world. This movement needs to be invigorated by the next generation of innovators who are committed to circularity and sustainability.

In this book, Sustainable in a Circular World, readers will learn about:

  • The forces shaping sustainability including generational differences, social connections, and more.
  • The throwaway economy, the move to a more circular economy, the American awakening, and how to move from linear to more innovative design.
  • A historical look at the technological revolution including the Amazon Effect, Prime, showrooming, and ship it my way, among others.
  • The basics of sustainability including sustainability 101, governance, ESG three pillars, stewardship across generations, the supply chain, the Paris Agreement, generative families, giving back to the community, the Microsoft Way, and going global.
  • Case studies in industries such as mining, elevators, concrete, construction, cities, agriculture food, and more.
  • Net Zero awakening, how to build better by design, the role of technology, and what comes next, with a keen focus on how to move from a grey to a green economy.

If there is one thing as a society, we need to work together to see the bigger picture, recognizing there is no one answer to reduce our carbon footprint.

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