A lot of news came out of HPE Discover 2021, HPE’s (Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s) annual conference focusing on all things edge-to-cloud, and now that the event is over, we can look at some of the highlights and evaluate their impact on the space as a whole. HPE’s three-day event included themes like sustainability, what it means to be a purpose-built company, and the importance of having a solid data strategy to unlock a sustainable, data-driven future. As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, HPE’s leadership in these areas will help drive what’s fast becoming a hybrid, edge-to-cloud world.

To power this so-called “edge-to-cloud era,” HPE released innovations to its HPE GreenLake cloud platform that span silicon, software, and security. For instance, the company announced new vertically optimized cloud services in GreenLake for mission-critical applications and workloads. For healthcare, HPE now offers the ability to manage EMRs (electronic medical records), while in financial services, the company introduced HPE GreenLake for financial payments. Other new services include risk management via

HPE GreenLake for Splunk and HPE GreenLake for 5G core, which simplifies and accelerates customers’ time to value for 5G implementation. HPE says these innovations allow customers to modernize their workloads to a cloud operating model, optimize and secure applications from edge to cloud, and achieve a “future-ready position.” This is really key for enterprises entering an age where edge and cloud go hand-in-hand.

Additional GreenLake innovations announced at the Discover 2021 event include HPE GreenLake Lighthouse—an agile, cloud-native solution designed to remove configuration complexity by allowing customers to add new cloud services in just a few clicks within HPE GreenLake Central. HPE also announced a security solution called Project Aurora, which will embed building blocks within the GreenLake platform to automatically and continuously verify the integrity of the hardware, firmware, operating systems, platforms, and workloads. The company calls Project Aurora the foundation for HPE GreenLake’s zero-trust architecture. In a world in which news of cyberattacks is constant, this security news is as welcome as it is important.

HPE also unveiled a pay-per-use, consumption-based pricing model called Silicon on-Demand in partnership with Intel—another example of how the company is both following industry trends and leading the way in taking a customer-centric approach to its offerings. The feature is now available on the HPE GreenLake cloud platform.

At Discover 2021, HPE also made some key customer and acquisition announcements. Salomon, an outdoor sports equipment manufacturer, selected GreenLake to support its on-premises cloud environment while reducing its environmental footprint and supporting the company’s sustainability goals. Bidtellect, a digital advertising platform, also selected HPE tech to support the company’s ability to analyze large volumes of data and support their own customers’ digital transformations.

Finally, HPE announced its acquisition of Determined AI, an AI (artificial intelligence) startup that offers a software stack capable of training AI models faster and at any scale. The company’s open-source machine-learning training platform removes complexity and cost typically wrapped up in the machine-learning development process. HPE plans to combine Determined AI’s solution with its HPC (high-performance computing) offerings to bring AI and machine-learning insights to more industries and more customers.

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