DALLAS, Sept. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Hyphen Solutions, the leading cloud-based construction management software company, with over 11,000 companies subscribing to its comprehensive Builder and Supply Chain platform, announced enhanced functionality for its cutting-edge application, Field Management Services (FMS).

Designed to streamline the way home builder trade partners and suppliers operate in the field, FMS provides a mobile approach to not only more efficiently manage orders and communications while on job sites, but also create and drive their own tasks and schedules. It also includes the advanced interface that an app can bring such as drag & drop functionality and visual indicators.

One of the key advantages of the FMS system is its seamless integration with the BuildPro & SupplyPro supply chain management and collaboration platforms that Hyphen has built. This new capability builds upon that approach so that orders can now be included that do not necessarily come from builders using the BuildPro system. Orders can be inserted manually for one-off projects or highly custom builders, or they can be automatically built in using Hyphen’s Renditions approach of web-capturing order data.

The full mobile functionality of the FMS app can then be employed to accomplish “disruptive,” 2-way communications with builders, manage defect repairs and back charges, and drive the set of tasks and resources that these suppliers need to fulfill the orders. Randy Beeman, Hyphen’s Division President of Supply Chain Solutions said of this new capability, “this was a critical add for our FMS product, as we want customers to be able use it to manage all of their orders and work that they’re doing with all of their builders. We can now say that any order or project can now be seamlessly directed with a single app, from the field.”

Hyphen continues to build on its leadership in the homebuilding supply chain management technology space by improving products with new innovative features. Hyphen Solutions unique web-based platform enables its customers to improve collaboration throughout the entire home building supply chain.

About Hyphen Solutions:

Hyphen Solutions, LLC provides over 52,000 builders, installers, manufacturers and homeowners with industry-leading supply chain scheduling, procurement and collaboration solutions. Hyphen’s SaaS applications deliver greater operational control, better communications and increased productivity for both home builders and their building partners who use our applications. The Hyphen Network services over 400 builder divisions which loaded more than 150,000 new homes on the system in 2016. This existing network will execute over 21 million home builder purchase orders this year totaling in excess of $26 billion in PO dollars.

Hyphen’s mobile and web based products include: BuildPro for scheduling, SupplyPro for supplier/trade management, BRIX for enterprise resource planning, Document Management for online document sharing, Dashboards for reporting, BuildPro Inspections for punchlist management, BuildPro Storm Water Inspections Management for SWPPP inspections, BuildPro Progress Pay for land management, Lien Release for lien waiver management, BuildPro Warranty for homeowner satisfaction, BidConnect for bidding, SupplyPro Connect for trade automation, SupplyPro Field Management Services for supplier field personnel, SupplyPro Renditions for supplier automation and SkuSphere for product cataloging.

To learn more about Hyphen, please visit www.hyphensolutions.com, contact Hyphen Solutions at sales, or call 972-728-8100.

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