In the automotive, defense, industrial, medical, smart home, smart grid, transportation, and utility industries, among others, there is a real need to protect devices, systems, and networks that are part of the IoT (Internet of Things). A new security management software suite is specifically designed to protect IoT and embedded devices against cyberattacks.

Icon Labs,, a provider of embedded software for device security, device protection, and networking management, recently announced its new FSM (Floodgate Security Manager) software suite that can be operated on premise or as a cloud-based security manager. The solution provides device status monitoring, security policy management, command audit logging, and security event logging and reporting for devices running Icon Labs’ Floodgate Agent or other lightweight IoT management protocols.

Alan Grau, president and cofounder of Icon Labs, says while the current approach to security management for IoT devices is to repurpose legacy systems, this solution doesn’t scale to the smallest IoT devices. On the other hand, he says FSM provides the management services needed for all IoT devices, including, including small, battery-powered edge devices and sensor solutions, without the overhead and complexity of traditional enterprise security management systems.

As the IoT gains steam, security concerns continue to grow as more criminals are intent on exploiting embedded systems with lax security. Companies that adopt security solutions that can protect devices, data, and the cloud assets to which these systems are connected will be in a better position to prevent breaches, hacks, and all the consequences that follow.

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