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Innovative RFID-Enabled Retail Solutions

What will it take to make brick-and-mortar stores as valuable to connected consumers as online stores? What will it take to make them more valuable? Perhaps IoT (Internet of Things) technology is the answer.

Impinj,, a provider of RAIN RFID (radio-frequency identification) solutions, alongside Inmotion,, and ShopWithMe,, have announced that ShopWithMe stores are now fully enabled with RAIN RFID technology. ShopWithMe stores are portable, pre-fabricated retail environments that blend the online and offline shopping worlds. The company describes its retail experience as something entirely new; it allows shoppers to touch physical goods in a physical store, while browsing and easily ordering related or out-of-stock products online.

Within ShopWithMe stores, store products and fixtures use embedded RAIN RFID to create a dynamic shopping experience for customers and an intelligent experience for retailers. For instance, Impinj’s RFID solution delivers an interactive product experience and “smart” fitting rooms as well as item-level intelligence, including location.

Specific in-store innovations include retail pixel walls, which display product information when shoppers interact with RFID-tagged products; “reactable tables,” which interact with customers about the RFID-tagged products they’ve selected; smart fitting rooms, which display interactive product information by reading items’ RFID tags; assisted checkout, which leverages the RAIN RFID technology to detect and automatically ring up items; and wayfinding, which can lead shoppers to the exact location of their desired product within a retail space. With these types of solutions, retailers can solve critical business problems while better serving their customers.

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