A new telemetry device designed for vending machines will make these machines “smart.” With the ability to capture realtime data about sales, inventory, and operating status, vending machine owners and operators can make better, more informed business decisions that impact their bottomlines.

Custom engineering design and manufacturing company Blue Sparq, www.bluesparq.com, recently announced Insight, a vending machine telemetry device equipped with software from Vagabond Vending, www.vagabondvending.com, a cloud-based mobile software company. Vagabond has begun shipping the device, which transmits key data from vending machines to the operator via the cloud in realtime.

Leveraging Vagabond’s VMS application and the data it delivers, small to medium-sized vending operators can decide when to replenish inventory, when to send someone to service the machine, and, just as important, when not to do these things. Insight offers remote automatic firmware update capabilities as well as remote monitoring.

Blue Sparq managed Insight’s design, architecture, planning, and component vendor relations throughout the project. The companies’ goal was to create a device and solution that can handle relatively complicated remote telemetry tasks in realtime, while also being simple to install and maintain, reliable in any environment, and flexible enough to make the solution relevant to a wide variety of use cases.

Whether it’s vending, industrial, retail, or healthcare, the ability to leverage M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) devices to “feed” enterprise applications with meaningful data can lead to improved decisionmaking.

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