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IoT Comes to Life

In an effort to not just learn more from the IoT (Internet of Things), but learn in it, 22 CityLink,, has unveiled its new immersive hub, Concept Foundry, an interactive business accelerator ecosystem based out of Ashburn, Va.

The goal is to gain more out of the collaborative process and to provide a platform that allows for further experimentation and innovation, as well as creating a solid sense of community among participants through continuous interaction.

To do this, the creators of Concept Foundry have designed it so that students and companies from all over the world, big and small, have access to the network. Once these companies are in, their access to ideas and resources are not just limited to these members; industry experts, educators, manufacturers, and tech providers can lend their insights and expertise as well.

Much like the companies and individuals inhabiting the network, the system that runs Concept Foundry will be learning too. To handle the influx of information being shared, it is equipped with the latest artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and machine-learning capabilities to better provide for user needs.

While the network does store this information much like a virtual library, it takes things a step further by offering a “city as a sandbox.” This translates the shared ideas and concepts into real-worlds scenarios so users cannot just plan their innovations, but truly see them.

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