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IoT Gateway Withstands Hazardous Environments

Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) markets are receiving a smart gateway to enhance remote monitoring of parking lots and solar power generators. Japanese company Liverock Technologies,, is collaborating with u-blox,, to create the Coral Edge technology.

u-blox’s LTE (long-term evolution) and GNSS (global navigation satellite system) technologies will support Liverock and its design for industrial M2M applications. The smart IoT gateway Coral Edge is the first mobile gateway equipped with PoE (power over Ethernet) power supply, and it will keep IP (Internet protocol) cameras running at all times.

What’s more, the Coral Edge features SSR (self sustaining recovery) to enable the gateway to recover on its own in the event of a power failure or temperature change.

Akihiro Saito, CEO, Liverock, says the company wanted to supply rugged industrial environments and harsh outdoor conditions with reliable products to endure various hazards. The company chose to collaborate with u-blox because of its wireless LTE connectivity, 3G fallback, and GNSS positioning technology.

u-blox TOBY-L200 modules come in a compact LGA (land grid array) package and are designed specifically for industrial applications to operate in -40 to +85 degree temperature. The Coral Edge gateway is suitable for harsh environmental conditions and increases connectivity for IoT applications.

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