From construction, to healthcare, to retail, and every vertical in between, the IoT (Internet of Things) is changing how business is done.

In fact, IDC recently forecasted that global IoT spending will reach $1.29 trillion in 2020—and anticipates this growth will be led by manufacturing, transportation, and utilities. However, finding the right solution can be challenging.

This is where the IoT Innovations comes into the equation. Each year, Connected World honors new innovations and recognizes the products that are helping change the industry.

The editorial advisory board and the judges at Connected World evaluated products based on a number of criteria to identify the newest, most creative, and technologically advanced products, services, and platforms on the market.

This year, there were dozens of entries, but only six that stood out as truly innovative in the market today. Please join us in honoring the Connected World IoT Innovations for 2017.

Product: Avaya Surge IoT Solution

Company: Avaya

Cost (Business Class Configuration):

  • IoT Controller: $30,499
  • HyperSec Gateway: $3,499
  • Open Networking Adapters (10 pack): $2,799

One of the best ways to protect vulnerable corporate assets, such as IoT (Internet of Things) devices, from hackers is to create isolated segments within which devices and traffic can operate. This is easier said than done, but Avaya has a solution.

Avaya Surge helps reduce organizations’ attack surface by making it simple and practical to place IoT traffic into isolated zones. This way, any breaches that occur are contained and damages are minimized. The Surge solution consists of three components: an IoT controller, a HyperSec Gateway, and Open Networking Adapters.

Within the solution, HyperSec Zoning secures IoT traffic by isolating, filtering, and encrypting data flows from devices to destinations. Built-in elasticity automatically creates “follow me” security profiles that move with each device, offloading complex firewall and access control list administration. Finally, IoT intelligence monitors devices’ dynamic activity—from service status and utilization to location history—providing insights that can help optimize security profiles and device deployments.

“Avaya Surge delivers the security and management necessary to make the IoT a practical reality in verticals like healthcare and beyond. Surge helps organizations mitigate breaches, accelerate innovation, and leverage actionable intelligence via a single, simplified platform.”
—Peggy Smedley

Product: Grind2Energy

Company: Emerson

Cost: System pricing based on location, customer needs, and food waste volume.

Food that doesn’t make it to the table doesn’t have go to waste thanks to Emerson’s IoT-enabled solution, Grind2Energy. Grind2Energy processes food scraps from supermarkets, hotels, casinos, sports arenas, and other high-volume offenders into “liquid slurry” that is pumped into onsite holding tanks and monitored remotely by Emerson. When it’s time, the slurry is transported to local anaerobic digestion facilities that convert this unavoidable food waste into clean water and renewable energy in the form of electricity, heat, or compressed natural gas.

Emerson teamed up with AT&T by leveraging the carrier’s global SIM (subscriber identity module) and IoT solutions to provide customers with near-realtime visibility into food loss that can be used to optimize operations and manage avoidable food waste. The IoT-enabled solution not only provides data storage for historic tank levels, water pressure data, and other information, it also allows Emerson to provide performance data reporting, data analytics, and predictive maintenance to its customers.

“Grind2Energy is a perfect example of how IoT-enabled solutions will help transform the way humans live. By creating something valuable, like clean water and renewable energy, from discarded waste, and by using the IoT to manage these processes, we’re creating a better world for our grandchildren.”
—Peggy Smedley

Product: ALTA – Enterprise IoT Solutions

Company: Monnit

Cost: Varies based on size of deployment and types of sensors needed

It’s becoming a sensor-filled enterprise world, as more businesses realize the cost-reducing and timesaving potential of monitoring assets continuously and remotely. Businesses and organizations like Chick Fil-A, Dairy Queen, Little Caesars, the California Highway Patrol, and the University of Arizona – Cancer Center are benefiting from the IoT by leveraging ALTA, Monnit’s next generation of enterprise-grade IoT solutions.

Created with the requirements of Monnit’s most demanding enterprise partners in mind, ALTA sensors feature a host of enhancements from previously available wireless sensor technologies. For instance, ALTA products are able to detect and communicate readings from a distance of up to 1,200 feet through thick walls and even without a line of sight; that’s four times the range of the company’s standard sensor platform.

Further, Monnit’s ALTA sensors employ some of the industry’s strongest security features, using a 256-bit exchange to establish a global unique key and AES (advanced encryption standard)-128 CBC (cipher block chaining) for data messages at the individual sensor level.

“Enterprises want what Monnit is offering with ALTA. ALTA sensors improve four-fold on what was available before, allowing businesses to connect, monitor, and control almost every conceivable element of their businesses. It’s game changing in the world of enterprise sensor solutions.”
—Peggy Smedley

Product: ORBCOMM AssetWatch, Mining

Company: ORBCOMM

Cost: Costs vary based on the size of a customer’s premise and deployment.

ORBCOMM AssetWatch offers mission-critical visibility to enterprise assets—and that’s true whether these assets are above or below ground. From workers and railcars to trucks and miscellaneous machinery, AssetWatch offers a single platform from which business owners and operators can get a unified, realtime view of an enterprise’s most valuable assets.

Built on ORBCOMM’s proprietary IoT software platform, the AssetWatch solution is compatible with widely used underground Wi-Fi networks from Cisco Systems. AssetWatch leverages ORBCOMM’s IoT stack to integrate various wireless devices from the field—including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, satellite, and RFID (radio-frequency identification)—with Cisco’s Wi-Fi networks and then transport data into a cloud-based solution.

For mining operations and others that require underground work, the solution provides value by collecting and delivering realtime location, condition, and activity data from assets as they move above and below ground. By combining sensors, mobile devices, and cloud computing/analytics, ORBCOMM AssetWatch is a standout competitor in enterprise asset management. AssetWatch customers benefit by enhancing all areas of their operations, including production, vehicle fleet utilization and maintenance, and, most importantly, worker safety.

“Whether it’s vehicle tracking, people tracking, worker safety, sensor device integration, production tracking, or ventilation-on-demand, ORBCOMM’s AssetWatch offers one of the industry’s most robust enterprise asset tracking solutions from a single platform.”
—Peggy Smedley

Product: ThingWorx Studio

Company: PTC

Cost: Pricing model TBD.

Having already generated more than 60,000 unique AR (augmented reality) experiences as part of a pilot program, PTC’s ThingWorx Studio is pushing the boundaries of AR and the IoT. ThingWorx Studio is a unique authoring and publishing tool built to simplify AR development by removing roadblocks to designing, publishing, and scaling integrated AR and IoT experiences.

As part of the ThingWorx industrial IoT platform, ThingWorx Studio leverages computer vision technology from Vuforia and allows content creators to use existing 3D data, such as CAD (computer-aided design) data, to build and publish AR models and experiences. A codeless, drag-and-drop interface further simplifies the AR creation process, ultimately slashing the time it takes to build AR content from hours to minutes and opening the technology up to those with little to no software coding experience.

ThingWorx Studio uniquely incorporates connected product data through the ThingWorx platform. For instance, when an AR experience is generated, data from a product—whether it’s temperature, fuel level, operating speed, or something else—is displayed. This allows for a simple digital interface for consuming information.

“AR and the IoT is a match made in enterprise tech heaven. PTC has a first-of-its-kind solution here with ThingWorx Studio, which combines AR and IoT technologies in new and really exciting ways.”
—Peggy Smedley

Product: Alpha

Company: SENSORO

Cost: Sensor costs range $100-$1,000, and gateway costs range $1,500-$4,000.

Some IoT sensor network solutions can be tricky to configure and difficult to manage, while also being limited in range—often to six miles or less. SENSORO’s Alpha platform is an exception to this rule. SENSORO’s solution is simple to implement and offers an easy-to-manage network that can span more than 120 square miles, while also supporting thousands of sensor devices.

The Alpha product suite was designed to provide solution providers and companies in a multitude of industries with long-range, low-power capabilities for IoT sensor networks. SENSORO says the network architecture is configured in a simple star topology with the base station relaying information between deployed IoT sensor devices and the centralized management platform on the network backend.

The Alpha Base Station, which exchanges data with sensor devices, is built to withstand industrial settings, the outdoors, and other harsh environments. Other components include low-power nodes, modules that allow sensor manufacturers to integrate their own devices into the network, and the SENSORO Alpha Commander, a centralized engine that monitors, configures, and manages the entire IoT sensor network.

“In its aim to make IoT technology simple and easy to scale for any industry, solution provider, or start-up company, SENSORO has created its industry-leading Alpha product suite, which accomplishes these objectives and many more.”
—Peggy Smedley