For many industries having access to realtime weather data can help improve efficiencies and save time on the job. Take the construction industry, as an example. This space has long faced the fact that inclement weather could shut down any jobsite in a moment’s notice—but M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) can help.

Software can leverage realtime data in order to give construction companies the ability to take the weather into account when managing projects. Consider the case of M.A. Mortenson, The company is responsible for constructing a multi-purpose stadium in the downtown area of Minneapolis, and needed a way to preview weather models in order to schedule appropriately.

The IoT collects realtime data and shares it so decisions can be made about a construction project. In the case of M.A. Mortenson, the company is using Aeris Enterprise, which is a weather-alerting software platform powered by AerisWeather, Levering the Aeris platform, AerisWeather includes raw data, graphics, enterprise-level software, and mobile apps that enable businesses to operate more efficiently through GPS (global-positioning system)-based weather alerting.

With the technology, M.A. Mortenson can preview multiple weather models, days in advance, enabling the organization to accurately identify expected snow, rain, wind, and temperature events. This data provides supervisors the ability to schedule, while taking job safety and risk management into consideration.

Allen Troshinsky, vice president of operations, M.A. Mortenson, says the company has a narrow window to complete the stadium, and Aeris Enterprise helps take advantage of every dry hour on the site between now and the summer 2016 deadline.

With the technology, users can create customer future weather alerts through text, email, and voicemail that are delivered to mobile devices. The software ultimately helps make decisions related to staffing and planning.

Examples such as this demonstrate how IoT can help businesses save both time and money, providing the realtime data that is needed to keep a project moving forward.

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