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Jaguar Land Rover Vehicles Get Connected

The connected car, for many consumers, is an easy entrée into a more connected lifestyle. For safety, convenience, and entertainment reasons, more consumers than ever before are looking for in-vehicle connectivity options and features when it comes time to make decisions about their next ride.

For one automaker looking to keep up with market demand, the time was ripe to make the leap into the connected world. By partnering with AT&T, Jaguar Land Rover North America has committed to offering next-gen connectivity services to its customers in Canada and the United States. As part of a multi-year agreement, AT&T and Jaguar Land Rover North America are offering high-speed Internet that powers coveted infotainment features such as Wi-Fi hotspot technology, connected navigation, and a suite of apps.

Joe Mosele, vice president of business development for IoT solutions at AT&T Mobility, says AT&T began offering wireless connectivity in the Range Rover and Range Rover sport models in late summer 2015, with additional Jaguar and Land Rover models to be added in time. “Jaguar Land Rover drivers can now experience the benefits of wireless in-car connectivity and infotainment features enabling a suite of apps for passengers,” Mosele says. “In addition, Jaguar Land Rover customers can easily share data among phones, tablets, and now their vehicles with AT&T Mobile Share Value.”

Mobile Share Value is an optional data plan customers can add for $10 per vehicle per month. It provides an extra level of convenient data sharing and connectivity among consumers’ various devices, including their Jaguar or Land Rover vehicles. The share plan is just one way AT&T is giving Jaguar Land Rover North America customers the flexibility to choose how they want to stay connected on the road. Standalone data plans are also available.

Mosele says AT&T’s in-vehicle connectivity enhances the driving experience by improving both convenience and entertainment. The wireless carrier has launched several initiatives to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the connected-car space, including its connected-car innovation center in Atlanta, the AT&T Drive Studio, which features a working lab and a showroom dedicated to building and showcasing the latest innovations in connected cars.

AT&T also offers a global automotive solution and development platform called AT&T Drive. The modular solution makes it simpler for automakers to build customized solutions for their vehicles by selecting from a range of services, capabilities, and features, including connectivity, billing, data analytics, and infotainment. Thanks to AT&T’s global SIM (subscriber identity module) platform for vehicles, customers can use a single carrier to wirelessly connect products across the globe.

Throughout the past several years, Mosele says AT&T’s connected-car leadership has led to relationships with several automakers, including Audi, BMW, GM, Ford, Tesla, Nissan, Volvo, and Subaru. The company has no intention of slowing down now: “In 2015, AT&T … added 1.4 million connected devices in Q2, with nearly 1 million being connected cars,” says Mosele. “We expect to have more than 10 million vehicles on the network by the end of 2017.”


Challenge: Provide Jaguar Land Rover North America with reliable, high-speed connectivity to support coveted in-vehicle infotainment features.

Risk: Not offering connectivity is risky in terms of staying competitive in the automotive marketplace.

Solution: Multi-year partnership with AT&T offers Jaguar Land Rover North America the connectivity its vehicles need to catch connected consumers’ eye.

Payoff: Jaguar Land Rover North America can offer cutting-edge in-vehicle connectivity options such as Wi-Fi hotspot, navigation, and apps.

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