jKool, www.jkoolcloud.com, is bringing its realtime visualization and data analytics to IBM, www.ibm.com. jKool offers a faster way to visualize applications and discover relationships in data, but how will the big data company progress IBM’s Cloud marketplace?

jKool provides immediate value to businesses involved with the IoT (Internet of Things), retail, audit, compliance, and digital healthcare. IBM clients can use jKool’s realtime visualization and analytics of streaming, time-series data. Visualization features are shown with tables, bars, graphs, and similar items that a business researches, while realtime visualization allows users to preview applications. This is all complete with the company’s SaaS (software-as-a-service) offering.

The SaaS does not require extra servers, database, or schemas for its management and visualizes time-series data from sources immediately upon their arrival. Business managers have the opportunity to learn and take advantage of business insights, detect preventable losses, and uncover new industry opportunities by seeing data-in-motion with orders, clicks, payments, claims, and searches. All of these features are seen on jKool’s dashboard, where users also track behavior, performance, location, and topology in realtime. The dashboard permits users to subscribe to topics of interest and ask questions via an English-like query language.

The IBM Cloud marketplace offers clients access to more than 100 SaaS applications and acts as a single destination for cloud services. Its cloud of suite services delivers clients a buying experience that lets them deploy services faster, build with greater speed, and offers IT (information technology) departments an efficient way to deliver services. With the IBM and jKool partnership, IBM clients can make the best of jKool’s big data analytics and visualization when integrating it into their business structure.

Many companies do not have the opportunities or budget for business analytics, and the partnership places IBM toward the top with its updates. IBM can access business-critical applications faster with data right at its fingertips and in memory, and the company is sure to benefit with new realtime services.

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