Protect your valuables seamlessly and conveniently with Dog & Bone’s,, new keyless, Bluetooth padlock. The product provides users with a keyless, trackable, and secure solution for protecting valuables.

LockSmart is controlled by an iOS or Android app and eliminates forgotten codes and small keys necessary for most padlocks. Dog & Bone created the padlock with a tough, waterproof exterior to ensure further security and durability.

The app allows owners to manage one or several padlocks and track lock use, and users can even share lock access with others. All lock activity can be viewed in the app, which displays username, date, and time of use. User access can be revoked at any time without exchanging a physical key.

LockSmart offers high Bluetooth security and unlocking options with Touch ID, tapping the icon, or entering in a passcode. The product features a custom cell lithium-ion battery and has power that lasts up to two years.

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