A next-gen IoT (Internet of Things) cloud platform could help deliver surveillance, video streaming, and cloud-storage solutions for retail, agricultural, construction, medical, and telecommunications applications, among others.

Kii, www.kii.com, an IoT cloud platform provider, and ThroughTek, http://tutk.com, an IoT and M2M (machine-to-machine) solution provider, are working together to develop the platform, which allows home and commercial security systems to record motion-triggered video directly to the cloud or to personal storage devices. The companies say Kii’s cloud will leverage Kalay, ThroughTek’s cloud platform, which offers a variety of cloud applications such as advanced VSaaS (video surveillance as a service), which enables IP cameras for live video streaming, monitoring, and recording.

By giving customers access to realtime video feed from any Internet-connected device, Kii and ThroughTek hope to remove barriers to adopting the technology for new customers. For existing customers, too, the companies say the collaboration will help facilitate “rapid onboarding” of new consumer and commercial IoT solutions beginning this fall.

Besides offering instant access to realtime video feeds and cloud storage for security systems, video and music applications integrated to the IoT cloud platform can deliver OTT (over-the-top) content and third-party multimedia to end-user devices, creating new and additional revenue opportunities for companies looking to maximize their investment in connected devices and the IoT.

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