Below, please find the winners of the 2014 Women of M2M.

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[accordian][toggle title="MARYLIN ARNDT " open="no"]

Standardization Manager
Orange-France Telecom

As chairman of ETSI M2M, Marylin Arndt is in a great spot to influence the direction of M2M through the development of standards within the industry. By helping to drive these standards, Arndt hopes to reduce fragmentation within the industry, laying a foundation for future growth and success. At Orange, Arndt leverages her expertise to further M2M, not just within her own company, but among other operators and vendors. Arndt plays an active role with ETSI’s LTN (low throughput network) specification group, she is active at the European Commission on mandates such as M490 (smart-grid standardization), and helps other women get their voices out within ETSI and Orange. [/toggle]
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Comcast Cable

Under Cathy Avgiris’ leadership, Comcast has become the largest Internet service provider and one of the largest phone providers in the United States. Avgiris spearheaded the company’s partnership with Verizon and oversaw its Wi-Fi initiative. She has been key in building Comcast’s digital platform for video, along with its Internet, voice, and home security. A veteran of the media, technology, and cable industries, Avgiris not only oversees operations at Comcast, she sits on the Executive Advisory Council of Comcast Affinity Groups Mentoring Program and is a member of the Forum for Executive Women. [/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="KAREN BAER" open="no"]

AVP–New Technology Product
Development and Engineering

In her more than 30 years of experience at AT&T and within the telecom industry, Karen Baer has been involved in the evolution of the network from wireline to IP/VoIP and, finally, VoLTE—a communications technology taking VoIP to the next level. Responsible for new technical architecture and product realization within AT&T’s Technology and Network Operations organization, Baer’s dedication to building a better network enables the countless technologies AT&T’s customers are developing every day as part of the growing M2M space. Baer is a champion for women’s career advancement in the male-dominated tech field and has mentored women who have ended up in leadership roles. [/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="SARASWATHI BALASUBRAMANIAM" open="no"]

Senior Software Engineer
Aeris Communications

Because she is a woman, Saraswathi Balasubramaniam says she received little encouragement to pursue her dream to work in the technology industry. A native of southern India, Balasubramaniam decided she would succeed with or without encouragement. As senior software engineer with Aeris Communications, Balasubramaniam is at the forefront of M2M innovation as a group leader developing network services. She spearheaded efforts to develop key software that underpinned M2M network connectivity, from the transition from analog to digital communications, through the growth of 3G networks, and now to 4G LTE. Balasubramaniam is also a patent holder, with two others pending. Her first patent, accepted in 1999, was for a method to enhance message transmission between a device and a central monitoring station using a wireless control channel. [/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="MARY BARRA" open="no"]

General Motors Co.

New to her role as CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra is considered one of the most powerful women in business today. Barra has risen through the ranks during her 33-year tenure at General Motors Co., serving in manufacturing, engineering, and other leadership roles. She is a key part of the company’s product-development process and its ongoing strategy to put the customer first. GM says Barra is helping to revitalize the company through the launch of new products and services, including continual advancements in GM’s suite of in-vehicle technologies such as OnStar, MyLink, IntelliLink, and CUE. Barra additionally serves on the Kettering University Board of Trustees and is GM’s Key Executive for Stanford University and the University of California-Berkeley. [/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="TERRA BASTOLICH " open="no"]

VP of Sales, North America
NetComm Wireless

In a male-dominated industry, Terra Bastolich believes there can be too much of that same guy, in that same grey suit, saying the same thing. It can be an advantage to be a “she,” who is bringing new ideas to the table. Bastolich stumbled upon M2M more than 10 years ago, while working in a temporary job during her undergraduate years. She never left the industry and doesn’t plan to. Bastolich is responsible for growing the presence and sales of NetComm’s product portfolio and custom design service in the global marketplace. Colleagues commend her ability to “make things happen” wherever she goes and consider her a relentless advocate of both her company and M2M. [/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="SANIDA BRATT" open="no"]

VP of Product Management

Considered a veteran of what is now called “M2M,” Sanida Bratt’s background includes being part of NAVTEQ, where she started the effort for realtime delivery of driver-relevant content to automobiles. Later, Bratt cofounded a connectivity and mobile analytics company, Sapience Knowledge Systems. Today, Bratt leads the team and associated efforts for Synchronoss’ Integrated Life Platform and Solution Suite, among other responsibilities. She is actively involved in furthering M2M within the automotive, connected home, and wearable technology sectors. Bratt is a true innovator; she is always looking for ways to take M2M to the next level. Her passion is “making science projects a reality that masses will benefit from and love to use.”[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="TERRI BRESENHAM " open="no"]

President and CEO
GE Healthcare India

By leading GE’s “Healthymagination” vision in India, Terri Bresenham is helping to bring game-changing medical technologies and services to patients in need by lowering costs and increasing access to quality care. Bresenham is president and CEO of GE Healthcare India, as well as managing director of Wipro GE Healthcare. In this role, she applies her more than 25 years of experience in healthcare and as an engineer to leverage connected technologies for the benefit of society. Bresenham is particularly passionate about women’s health; she is part of the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation, among other health-based community organizations.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="STACEY BURR" open="no"]

VP Wearable Sports Electronics

After being advised by an old-school HR (human resource) manager to “wear a skirt and hosiery” (advice that went unheeded), Stacey Burr has made a career in the fitness world developing digital monitoring devices she believes will play a role in the evolution of healthcare. Burr founded Textronics in 2005, where she pioneered efforts to put physiology and movement-tracking sensors onto the body to collect and transmit realtime data about the wearer’s performance. adidas purchased Textronics, and now Burr leads strategy and development for the company’s miCoach digital fitness tracking gear for amateur and professional athletes. The best advice she received is “It’s never as good as it seems and it’s never as bad as it seems.” Through her work in advancing connected wearables, Burr hopes she’s contributing toward innovation that will allow her children to live better, longer lives. [/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="SANDY CARTER" open="no"]

GM, Ecosystem Development; Social Business Evangelist

Sandy Carter used to think she wanted to be a doctor—that is, until she passed out during biology class. Carter redirected her energies to computer science and fell in love with technology. She landed at IBM, where she leads the company’s worldwide focus on building ecosystems around the core growth areas of social, mobile, cloud, Big Data and analytics, and cognitive computing—an ecosystem that drives approximately one-third of IBM’s revenue. In addition to helping drive IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program, which helps startups bring new technologies to market, Carter founded the Super Women’s Group at IBM to help advance women in the business, and to increase the skills of women employees.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="TAMARA CHAMBERLIN" open="no"]

VP, Sales
Verizon Networkfleet

Enthusiasm makes the difference. Go big or stay home. These mantras are among those that inspired Tamara Chamberlin to get where she is today. As an executive within Verizon’s telematics business, Chamberlin is responsible for managing the strategy and the execution of several of the company’s sales teams. Since joining the organization in 2007, Chamberlin has helped Verizon Networkfleet triple its annual shipped units in part by living out her innovative sales philosophy—company first, team second, self last. Chamberlin believes innovation is everything in M2M. Much like an iceberg, she says the majority of the value in M2M is yet to be realized below the waterline.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="SARAH COOPER" open="no"]

VP of Business Development

Already in her career, Sarah Cooper has contributed on many levels of the M2M industry. Cooper has a background in advanced device research and as an entrepreneur. She’s currently helping to lead M2Mi by overseeing global customer accounts, product design, and strategic alliances. Cooper holds a PhD in Physics, along with six U.S. patents, and has a number of awards under her belt. She has a strong track record of delivering M2M and IoT products and solutions to Fortune 500 customers and partners. Colleagues consider Cooper an inspiration, mentor, and advocate of women throughout the technology and entrepreneurial sectors.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="LAURA CRISP" open="no"]

Manager, M2M Business Development, Connected Solutions
Verizon Wireless

Six years ago, amid her career in wireless, Laura Crisp didn’t know the term “M2M” and never imagined she’d be leading a technology initiative. Today, Crisp’s enthusiasm for the space is palpable. Crisp began her M2M career with nPhase and has continued it at Verizon, where she has helped build and maintain relationships that support the company’s partner ecosystem. Crisp has not only formalized high-profile partnerships within Verizon, she has identified gaps within the M2M ecosystem, then established partnerships to fill those gaps. Despite being able to develop relationships easily, Crisp is a “bulldog”—a no-nonsense businesswoman who credits her success to her tireless work ethic.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="PAM FERGUSON" open="no"]

Senior Director, Business Channels
Rogers Communications

Whether it’s happily explaining the power of wireless data connections in simple terms to schoolchildren, sharing the potential of M2M subscriber growth with stakeholders, or touting M2M within the North American and international partner ecosystem, Pam Ferguson’s devotion to technology always seems to shine through. When Ferguson first began at Rogers in 2003, she was known by some higher ups as the “trucking lady,” thanks to her early portfolio in asset management, fleet tracking, and logistics applications. Since then, Ferguson has been instrumental in growing Rogers’ M2M business. Today, Ferguson encourages traditional voice and data partners to embrace M2M technology. She says M2M is not just an enabler, but “a new benchmark for access and control of connected technology.”[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="BETSY FRANCIS" open="no"]

AVP, Sales and Marketing
AT&T Digital Life

“Women have strengths that are key in business.” This is according to Betsy Francis, who believes that to succeed, companies need diversity—and women—in the workplace. Francis herself has been integral in developing AT&T’s Digital Life organization. In her current role, she is helping to develop an M2M ecosystem that will transform the home security and automation space. At AT&T, Francis made it a priority to mentor women through speaking, serving as an advisor to the “Women of AT&T” organization, and leading mentoring circles. In the past, Francis helped lead the sales and marketing strategy for landmark devices such as Apple’s iPhone, Amazon’s Kindle, and Sony’s Playstation Vita, among others. As a speaker, mentor, and advocate for women within the industry and within her own community, Francis is a true leader in M2M.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="NANCY GIOIA" open="no"]

Director, Global Electrification, HMI, & Connectivity Strategy/Planning
Ford Motor Co.

Nancy Gioia leads both strategy and planning for Ford’s global EV (electric-vehicle) portfolio. Since joining the company, Gioia has held several engineering and technology-related roles, including director of sustainable mobility technologies and hybrid vehicle programs and engineering director, among others. Gioia’s latest leadership role involves her in all aspects of “electrified transportation”—from product planning to supplier partnerships and collaboration with the energy industry and the government. Through her efforts, Gioia is helping to develop the technologies that will support tomorrow’s advanced transportation infrastructure.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="KRISTEN HALE" open="no"]

EVP of Operations

In her role at Spireon, which serves the vehicle-finance market, the light fleet market, and the transportation market, Kristen Hale works with hundreds of men. Her secret? She doesn’t let gender enter into the equation. Throughout her career at Spireon (initially PROCON, then ProconGPS), Hale has been part of every business facet from the ground up. The company recently passed the $100 million revenue mark, and Hale is proud to say she shipped the first unit and collected the first dollar. Today, her span of control includes resource planning, procurement, warehousing, production, provisioning and cellular management of M2M products, shipping, inventory management, and customer service.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="FLORENCE HUDSON" open="no"]

Director of Corporate Strategy; Energy/Environment Executive

As a thought leader in developing IBM’s Smarter Planet solutions, including the category of “smart buildings,” Florence Hudson has a long history making a difference within her company. Today, she helps lead the expansion of IBM’s Internet of Things strategy, developing valuable insights for improved operational results in an increasingly intelligent, interconnected world. Throughout her career, Hudson admits she has been ignored, classified as “emotional,” and forced to “sit at the kids’ table” by others. She participates in creating a supportive environment at her own company by leading SWE@IBM, a community of IBM women in technical roles.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="PEGGY JOHNSON" open="no"]

EVP and President, Global Market Development
Qualcomm Technologies

In the 24 years Peggy Johnson has worked at Qualcomm, she has held positions in nearly every facet of the company—from her beginning role as a software engineer to her current role as executive vice president and president of global market development. Under her leadership, Qualcomm developed and commercially launched the BREW platform, which pioneered the world’s first large-scale mobile app store and helped developers monetize their applications. On a day-to-day basis, Johnson not only works to commercialize new business opportunities and develop strategic relationships, she also oversees Qualcomm Labs, an incubator focused on launching new businesses and products and exploring new market segments. Johnson represents the United States on the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Advisory Council and serves as a board member for Live Nation Entertainment Inc.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="CHANDRA KRINTZ" open="no"]

Chief Scientist
AppScale Systems

Chandra Krintz serves the technology industry in two ways: as cofounder and chief scientist at AppScale Systems, which provides an open-source cloud platform that facilitates portable application development, and as a professor of computer science at UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara). Krintz works to simplify the use of large-scale compute and storage resources so more people can participate in the innovation of next-gen Web and mobile cloud apps, as well as large-scale data analytics. Ultimately, Krintz says her work makes M2M more accessible to non-experts, while also helping experts innovate faster. As a professor and mentor, she hopes to pass on her passion for technology and cloud platforms to the next generation of tech leaders.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="JULIE LARSON-GREEN" open="no"]

EVP, Devices and Studios

Julie Larson-Green has spent the last 20 years innovating at Microsoft. She currently leads the Devices and Studios group, overseeing Microsoft Studios as well as hardware development for connected devices such as Xbox and Surface. Larson-Green additionally led the product planning, design, and delivery of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. Larson-Green understands customers’ needs and is known for focusing on the user experience—a key component in facilitating consumer adoption of connected devices and M2M technologies.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="PEGGY LEE" open="no"]

VP of Sales
Jazz Wireless Data

To other women who are up and coming in the technology field, Peggy Lee advises: “Know your stuff and always manage with integrity.” After joining Jazz Wireless Data in 2009, Lee helped build the company’s customer base from tens to hundreds, and its subscription base from thousands to more than 100,000. In her current role, she has spearheaded initiatives such as Jazz’s realtime Prepaid initiative, which allows for additional distribution channels and an “out-of-the-box-turn-it-on” experience for end users. Though Lee experienced various ceilings throughout her career, her goal is to manage others as if work is a party: Everyone should be included.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="DORIS MATTINGLY" open="no"]

Director of Engineering

For the folks at Lantronix, Doris Mattingly’s role as director of engineering embodies the mantra “the buck stops here.” Mattingly provides leadership, management, technical vision and direction, guidelines, and process management for the company’s M2M and IoT products, services, and solutions. In fact, it’s up to Mattingly and her team to ensure every product out the door meets internal and external standards of quality. Part of her success has been Mattingly’s ability to understand both the needs of the customer and of the market overall. She’s helped create and successfully launch new products at an exceptional pace, including the highly successful Lantronix xPrintServer.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="MARISSA MAYER" open="no"]

President, Director, and CEO

Marissa Mayer is no stranger to influential roles at influential companies, having served numerous positions at Google, then at Walmart, before landing the top job at Yahoo!. Her tenure in technology is both impressive and varied. She began as a software engineer at Google, helping to launch more than 100 features and products. She also played an important role at that company in developing location services for both desktop and mobile applications. Today, as the president, director, and CEO at Yahoo!, Mayer is clearly shaping the direction of the company through numerous technology acquisitions, which have fueled the release of new connected apps and services, such as its Yahoo Weather app, as an example.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="PAMELA MCCAULEY BUSH" open="no"]

Professor, Dept. of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems
University of Central Florida

As a speaker, entrepreneur, author, and professor in the Dept. of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems at the University of Central Florida, Pamela McCauley Bush has wide-ranging experience and a far-reaching influence. At the University of Central Florida, McCauley Bush’s work includes the development of a communications model for representing the flow of information in an emergency operations center, in addition to evaluative research on the use of handheld mobile-communications tools to support first responders. As a professor, McCauley Bush empowers students to pursue successful careers in science, math, engineering, and technology. She additionally is the founder of T-STEM Inc., which serves to enlighten, educate, and empower the global community—and in particular females—on the critical importance of leadership, innovation, and STEM education. McCauley Bush is an encouraging voice for other women in technology, advising, “don’t stay in the comfort zone—it’s not where leaders sit.”[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="DESIREE MEJIA" open="no"]

Location Based Technologies

Though her official job title is “COO,” Desiree Mejia has been described as “the heart and soul” of Location Based Technologies. As one of three original founders of the company, Mejia has been integral to bringing the company’s three GPS-enabled connected consumer devices to market, including the PocketFinder personal locator device. Mejia’s market research began back in 2005, making her a sort of pioneer in M2M. Perhaps thanks to her background in market research, Mejia makes it her business to know what consumers want and need in an M2M connected device. In fact, she is laser-focused on innovating based on a user perspective, then translating these needs into a value-driven solution.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="LINDA MILLS" open="no"]

Corporate VP, Operations
Northrop Grumman Corp.

A recognized female leader in technology, Linda Mills has worked her way up through the ranks at Northrop Grumman, a global security company that provides systems, products, and solutions for defense and intelligence to government and commercial customers. Mills is known for her advocacy of future leaders in science, technology, engineering, and math careers. In fact, she believes raising up the next generation of tech employees is a matter of national security. For that reason, Mills serves with several organizations such as the CyberPatriot Board, and is a frequent presenter at events for future and current women leaders, including Girl Scouts and Society of Women Engineers, among others.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="LAURA MITCHELL" open="no"]

VP of Business Development
GrandCare Systems

Laura Mitchell has always been interested in technology and healthcare. To her delight, she found the perfect synergy of her two passions in her career. Mitchell is a founding member of GrandCare Systems, a digital health technology platform that supports aging in place. Since 2005, Mitchell has been working with her cofounders to design the product, build a marketplace, and determine a distribution model. She is a passionate, energetic, motivated individual who credits her grandmother—a charismatic role model and entrepreneur—as one woman who has greatly influenced her life, career, and success thus far.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="DONNA MORROW" open="no"]

SVP of Client Operations

A mother of four daughters, Donna Morrow says one of the worst things a businesswoman can do is buy into the thought that she is second to a man in the same role. Morrow, a registered RN, says her greatest achievement has been translating her nursing degree and clinical experience into caregiving through mobility solutions. Her tech experience began in 2006 when she brought cutting-edge mobile technology to the management and care of labor and delivery patients. Morrow then played a formative role within AirStrip after joining the company in 2008. She says a mentor is one of the most important ingredients to success, and you need to find someone you trust and that provides a safe environment for questions and guidance. Morrow believes her contribution to M2M is best measured by the number of patients who are treated by putting this technology in the hands of caregivers.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="MARY MURPHY-HOYE" open="no"]

Senior Principal Engineer

Mary Murphy-Hoye is considered a pioneer in connected devices and M2M technology, particularly RFID. At Intel, Murphy-Hoye created an internal RFID network for pathfinding across manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, and data center applications. Thanks to her background in the factory and in IT, Murphy-Hoye understands products for internal usage and how to alleviate painpoints within the enterprise from a real-world, user perspective. Her work helps businesses solve problems; for instance, by determining which products will most likely fail within four weeks of launch. Through her work with RFID and analytics, Murphy-Hoye also helps retailers approach inventory management in a way that could transform their bottomline.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="MICHELLE PAMPIN" open="no"]

VP of Global Marketing
Cambium Networks

Last year, Cambium Networks unveiled its corporate mission: Connecting the Unconnected. Michelle Pampin identifies with her company’s undertaking and has made it her goal to help extend the reach of broadband infrastructure to the underserved, allowing the citizens of these communities access to the Internet for education, healthcare, research, and work—all of which can have a tremendous impact on economic growth. With more than 15 years of experience in the wireless and networking-equipment industries behind her, Pampin is poised to help Cambium Networks achieve its goal. As M2M continues to evolve, she believes communications will become more efficient for everyone.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="CATHY PENG" open="no"]

Chief Business Development Officer

Positive, persuasive, persistent, and driven to create value, Cathy Peng leads Ethertronics’ global business development initiatives. Since joining the company, she has played a key role in expanding the company’s target markets beyond traditional wireless devices to M2M. Her career so far has been a long series of experiences in leading technology initiatives—from Asia, to Europe, to the U.S.—and she doesn’t intend to slow down. In fact, in 10 years, she sees herself continuing to bring disruptive technologies to market. A believer that the industry needs more role models, Peng hopes her success encourages her three children to be passionate and persistent.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="TIFFANY SARGENT" open="no"]

End-to-End System and Solution Architect

An active volunteer within her home state of Arizona, Tiffany Sargent is a passionate, driven, and innovative leader. At Intel, Sargent conceptualized a critical piece of an M2M solution “smart data pipe” to remove some barriers for data interoperability, paving the way for faster adoption of M2M solutions by easing data integration and increasing data quality. Sargent also conceived of and led a team to develop a custom, distributed smart scanner data/IT complex system for Intel factories, which has saved the company millions of dollars. In every solution she architects, Sargent strategizes and focuses her design principles around “adoption.”[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="MEG SELFE DIVITTO" open="no"]

VP, Smarter Physical Infrastructure, Software Group

Meg Selfe Divitto has more than two decades of experience in engineering and as an executive, having held leadership positions at IBM, Delphi, Motorola, and General Motors. She has experience launching startups and “start overs,” removing roadblocks to success, and building high-performance teams. In 2012, IBM named Divitto leader of a cross-brand initiative to integrate the product-development lifecycles of systems engineering with the lifecycles of that product as an asset throughout its existence. The initiative aims to help IBM clients realize the value of the Internet of Things. Divitto also serves on the board of trustees for Abilities Beyond Disabilities, an organization that supports parents of children with disabilities.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="AMY SHENG" open="no"]


Amy Sheng, cofounder of CellScope, spends her time at the intersection of mobile, data, and healthcare. Her dad taught her how to fly small planes when she was young, instilling the mantra: “Calm. Think. Link.” as she went through a checklist of which knobs and levers to control. She says the mantra is useful for approaching issues that arise at home and work. Sheng was among the small group of three people who, along with a clunky lab prototype, saw potential in digital health and decided to be part of it. Today, the medical-device company is growing with a team of nine and a huge vision for the future, including new product launches. Sheng never foresaw herself becoming an entrepreneur in M2M, but she says it has been a rewarding journey. Despite facing several uncomfortable, risky situations along the way, she couldn’t be happier or more motivated to continue to make a difference in the digital-health space.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="PATRICIA STEELE" open="no"]

Manager, Product Management and Solution Design

Patricia Steele enjoys the challenge of being part of fast-growing technology-driven solutions that impact people’s lives. Her experience in M2M began when KPN brought her on as part of a new business unit focusing on the development and management of M2M solutions. Steele, one of the founders of the M2M World Alliance, has helped her company grow from a “standard” connectivity provider into an end-to-end solution provider with a global presence. Steele is willing to take risks, and says, “There’s nothing wrong in being ambitious.” She believes technology companies should focus on recruiting more female leaders, because adding one woman to the board doesn’t equal a change in a company’s culture. [/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="JEN STEPHAN" open="no"]

SVP of Engineering

Jen Stephan believes in the power of having a strong mentor-support system. Stephan says being a mentor herself keeps her thinking fresh. As SVP of engineering at ZoomSystems, Stephan manages the product and technology groups, including user experience, software development, mechanical design, product management, engineering operations, and IT groups. She’s helped the company grow from about 500 stores in 2008 to more than 1,500 stores at present. She finds people are more concerned with creating successful products than gender roles. She says, “For the skeptics, you cannot force the issue, you just have to prove you have the technical chops to get the job done.”[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="KATHY TAN" open="no"]

Senior Platform Architect, Platform Enabling and Development Division

Within Intel’s Internet of Things Group, Kathy Tan’s role is to gather the platform and silicon architectural requirements across multiple businesses, providing embedded market products for in-vehicle infotainment, print imaging, industrial control, and retail, among others. Tan has helped the IoT business unit become one of the fastest growing parts of her company. One of Tan’s key contributions has been to work with Intel development organizations to influence designs largely targeted for tablets and PCs, allowing them to include features required for IoT.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="SOPHIE VANDEBROEK" open="no"]

Chief Technology Officer
Xerox Corp.

A native of Belgium, Sophie Vandebroek holds the highest-ranking technology position at Xerox Corp.—CTO (chief technology officer). Vandebroek’s background is in engineering; she holds 14 U.S. patents and a PhD in electrical engineering from Cornell University. Vandebroek is additionally a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, a Fulbright Fellow, and a Fellow of the Belgian-American Educational Foundation. At Xerox, Vandebroek leads the company’s worldwide research centers, which strive to create technology innovations. In addition to her role as the CTO, Vandebroek additionally is the president of Xerox Innovation Group. Vandebroek is a passionate advocate for women and minorities who want to pursue technology-related careers.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="PAT WATKINS" open="no"]

Director–Sprint Velocity Global Client Management and Business Development

With several years of experience managing automotive accounts at Sprint, Pat Watkins contributes deep and insightful automotive expertise to her company and helps drive the strategic direction of the connected-vehicle space as a whole. Watkins has been instrumental in developing the Sprint Velocity for Vehicle Manufacturers solution, which brings innovative cloud-based capabilities to automakers and has become Sprint’s highest-profile M2M-related capability. Watkins’ visionary leadership has also benefitted her company through securing, leading, and managing Sprint’s partnership with Chrysler Group. Her ability to navigate the process of creating a unique model for serving the needs of automakers as they develop connected services for their vehicles has earned well-deserved respect. [/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="JEAN WEISS" open="no"]


Jean Weiss is not only a woman in technology; she’s also a woman in technology in the trucking, transportation, and logistics space. As a true force for change within her company, PeopleNet, an onboard computing and carrier fleet communications provider, Weiss is instrumental in developing partnerships and relationships, building her company’s reputation, challenging existing thought processes, and asking tough questions that help bring value to PeopleNet and to the M2M industry as a whole. Weiss champions technology as a way for companies to excel in the future. Her strong reputation and voice in the industry help move the M2M industry forward as a vital part of the future.[/toggle]
[accordian] [toggle title="MEG WHITMAN " open="no"]

President and CEO

Former president and CEO of eBay, Meg Whitman is one of the most prominent business executives in the world. Since joining Hewlett-Packard in September 2011 as head honcho, her calling card has been her mission to reinvent the company as part of a five-year plan. Under Whitman’s leadership thus far, Hewlett-Packard’s portfolio of solutions has grown, spanning Big Data, cloud, mobility, and security, among others. As CEO, she has led the company’s strategy to move beyond its traditional markets of PCs and printers, into new, expanding, but competitive markets, such as connected devices and cloud services. She has also served as a member of the HP Board of Directors since January 2011. Prior to joining eBay, Whitman held executive-level positions at Hasbro Inc., FTD Inc., The Stride Rite Corp., The Walt Disney Co., and Bain & Co. In addition to her role at HP, Whitman also serves as a director of The Procter & Gamble Co. and Zipcar Inc.[/toggle]