Transformation = Disruption. Regardless of your view of the IoT (Internet of Things) marketplace, those two words say it all. If your company is not saying those words often and using them to set the stage for where your company is headed within the next few years, then it’s a sure bet you have not made the CW 100 for 2016.

The CW 100 is constantly changing. It’s an ever-evolving ranking of the leading technology performers in the M2M/IoT today and those driving the charge heading into the future. This year’s top 100 performers are no exception. Every company that is ranked on the 2016 CW 100 accelerates the market growth via blockbuster M&As (mergers and acquisitions) or unprecedented technological evolution.

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What follows is the prestigious Connected World magazine CW 100 annual ranking of the elite technology leaders based on their contributions to the connected devices marketplace. Rather than just listing the industry’s top 100 technology innovators, each company is being ranked on their game-changing technologies, products, services, and commitment to enable connectivity as determined by the editors of Connected World. Published since 2003, this annual list has recognized companies across the globe. This ranking is considered the most definitive and influential directory when it comes to looking at the shifting demands of the market.

According to Connected World Editorial Director Peggy Smedley, “The CW 100 is a very elite group within the technology elite. Every company believes it belongs on this list, but only 100 deserve the honor. Every company within the CW 100 swears they understand the Internet of Things, but very few will have the wherewithal to withstand the ultimate rigors to keep their position year-after-year, while others will adapt to the shifting market unseating their competitive counterparts.” Only time will tell which companies are hanging on by a thread and which ones will surpass the competition and move up the ranks.

The CW 100 (Connected World 100) includes companies that share a vision for promoting the connected world. This is more than simply selling a product used in connected solutions; the company needs to show it is committed to the idea of the connected world and is helping to make connecting devices a simpler, secure process. Companies should be dedicated to providing solutions, products, and services that make connectivity and M2M/IoT (Internet of Things) communications easier to implement. Overall, the companies ranked on this list are doing their part to enable a connected world, whether that is through a stated vision, the solutions they provide, or the impact they are currently having in the world of connected devices.

The editors’ rankings are compiled from many different types of data for inclusion in the CW 100. To determine the rankings of each company Connected World must first standardize all of the measures. Based on making comparisons between companies and simplifying a methodology of these standardized sums each is given a score to determine strengths, weaknesses, and customer perceptions.

If a company wishes to be considered and nominates itself Connected World will always consider it, but keep in mind only 100 firms can be included. Some, not necessarily, all of the methodology are used to consider companies for inclusion in the CW 100.

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Strength and number of customer references
Strength of business model and product/service portfolio
Establishment in the market: revenue, partnerships, employees
Momentum/activity during the past 12 months
Growth potential based on respective fiscal year and comparison with prior year’s figures
Stability of M&A or uncertainty due to M&A
Ongoing and productive working relationship with the editorial staff of Connected World
Other intangibles including input from market observers, industry experts

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