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“When it comes to getting value and intelligence out of end devices, M2Mi emphasizes it’s all about the platform. Here’s a company that works with its customers to help them see the future now and works to build a strong M2M platform to ensure success,” says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

End devices are sexy. Platforms typically are not. While the market buzzes about things like connected thermostats, trackers, meters, and other devices, the intelligence coming off of such devices doesn’t typically grab such limelight.

M2Mi is looking to change this level of thinking in the market by refocusing attention on the platform as a critical requirement for value and intelligence. Value in the connected world requires a platform that reduces complexity and enables cyber security. M2Mi believes value is not just about connecting the devices, but automating the provisioning, orchestrating, and deployment capabilities, as well as integrating cyber security to create viable businesses for the long haul. With this, M2Mi believes it offers the essential platform for the M2M economy.

M2Mi breaks down the M2M ecosystem into three categories: edge devices, service providers, and the data center. Technology from M2Mi ensures cloud data centers and networks can respond to the quality of service demands of M2M by reducing networking, provisioning, and connectivity complexities—all without replacing existing investments. Its intelligence understands current device and ecosystem context to enable fast data analysis and rapid response within a dynamic environment.

Cyber security is a major part of this platform, since the M2M security context includes cyber-physical critical infrastructure protection, as well as secure exchange of digital information. M2Mi offers a patented, scalable lockbox solution enabling fine-grained policies for trusted access, and to control the flow of information from devices through networks to the cloud.

This combination of automation and cyber security is what makes M2Mi stand out in a market that seems to be inundated with M2M platforms. In a way, the company is making the platform just as sexy as the devices these days.

Fast Fact

  • Helping lead the charge for interoperability, M2Mi works with such organizations as OASIS (organization for the advancement of structured information standards) and the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel.