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IoT Impact on Agriculture Market

What vertical markets will be big for IoT (Internet of Things) in 2016? Perhaps agriculture. Research and Markets,, predicts the global connected agriculture market was $301.85 million in 2014 and is estimated to reach $980.71 million by 2020—which is a compound annual growth rate of 21.7% for the forecasted period.

Semtech, Proximus to Deliver Commercial IoT Networks

The first commercial IoT (Internet of Things) deployment in Belgium and Luxembourg will enable a wide range of compelling applications, from smart buildings and smart city solutions to asset tracking, supply chain, agriculture, and beyond.

Libelium Integrates Sensors With IBM Bluemix Cloud for Smart Cities

Libelium has integrated the IBM Bluemix Cloud platform with Waspmote wireless sensors, to enable developers to rapidly build, run, and manage applications based on data streams from Waspmote connected sensor devices, and reduce time-to-market for Smart Cities and IoT applications.

Stream Technologies, Link Labs Partner for LPWAN

From smart cities and defense to smart agriculture and building automation, low-power wide-area networks for the IoT (Internet of Things) are delivering connectivity and realtime data to business and mission-critical situations.

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