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Education Sector Leverages Biometrics

We’ve heard about biometrics in the world of mobile and Internet-connected devices, but biometrics technologies will also play a key role in the education sector during the next five years, a new study suggests.

Partnership to Create Next Generation Stimulations

Metacog, and PhET Interactive Stimulations,, have partnered using their expertise in data analytics and stimulations to create virtual science labs and online assessments to evaluate students’ abilities in realtime.

New Rugged Mobile Solution for Enterprise

Today’s workforce relies on mobile devices and enterprise-ready apps, but devices and apps are not always up to the task. A new partnership aims to go above and beyond standard, consumer-grade capabilities to offer businesses the most rugged hardware paired with highly manageable and secure software.

KnowBe4 Enhances Security-Awareness Platform

Network security is as important as ever, but awareness is on the rise among organizations leveraging connected devices and solutions. KnowBe4,, provider of an integrated platform for security-awareness training and simulated phishing testing, says, unfortunately, employees are often the weak link in network security. So what can be done?

Cybersecurity Not Where It Needs to be

A new cybersecurity survey suggests few policies and processes are better than they were a year ago. Considering it has been a year filled with highly publicized and destructive security incidents, this means security awareness is still wanting and organizations continue to have a lot of work to do.

Data Analytics Reach Schools in Africa

RTI Intl.,, and IBM Research,, will team up, in order to help facilitate the implementation and collection of data analytics within schools in Mombosa County, Kenya.

IoT Summit Announced

For companies involved in IoT (Internet of Things) and looking for an opportunity to network with partners, ITA (Illinois Technology Assn.),, announces the third annual Internet of Things Summit in Chicago will now be expanding into a two-day event November 16-17.

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