Connected World magazine

Connected World magazine is the go-to-source for connected devices. Dedicated to reporting on next-generation M2M/IoT (Internet of Things), Internet of Everything, you name it, every issue helps readers stay on the cutting-edge of connectivity innovation, offering up insights into technology trends and keeping our personal and professional worlds safe.

Connected World helps readers understand transportation (planes, trains, automobiles), health and fitness, (otherwise known as wearables), energy, (utilities, infrastructure, smart grid), and our home (lighting, appliances, security), and ties them all together to our mobile lives (personal and professional)

Connected World helps readers understand the more we are networked the greater the opportunities and challenges we are exposed to. It is our mission to explore as many technologies, tools, and services that are available to help our readers be better prepared to collaborate and network in a safer environment in ways that they could have never been imagined.

Whether looking for the latest gadget, productivity tool, service or the hottest new device, readers will find it on the pages of Connected World magazine.